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Review - Sociolotron

Product Category: Adult MMORPG

Platform: MS Windows

Sociolotron - Home Page

Company Line:

You must be over 21 to play, no exceptions! Sociolotron features strong adult content, language, and graphics. A game play you don't have anywhere else: No censorship of your game play, except for legal reasons. Game elements that enable you to run around and eliminate monsters (yes we DO have the standard monster treatment also), elements that enable you to blackmail your fellow players, eliminate them, have sex, live out your darkest fantasies, and even establish a lasting dynasty. PK is a reality in this game and you must be prepared to pass on your belongings to a worthy heir!


Sociolotron is an Adult MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that focuses on dark sexual fantasies. The adult game, which runs online 24/7, is available only to those of ages 21 and up, and for good reason.

Unlike other adult games in the genre, the game's elements of focus involve blackmail, murder, drugs, and rape, among the usual monster slaying and character building.

The post apocolyptic game is set in London during a period in the early 22nd century.  All hell has broken loose and the people of the UK have split into two factions.  The Inquisition, or those on the side of good, are right wing religious types that make human sacrifices as a source of their magical powers.  The Cult of the Succubi, or those on the evil side, use sperm and sexual depravity as a power source.  Any way you add it up this is one fucked up place!

Getting Started:

Installing the game wasn't simple.  Once you've paid for your subscription, you will be provided with a link where you can download the mutliple files you'll need to install.  Each file is part of a RAR archive, and once you get them all you'll need WinRAR or similar software to extract and combine them.  Next you install the adult game which is pretty straight forward.

Figuring I was done I launched the game only to find out I needed to go through several addtional steps including registration, multiple updates, and multiple restarts.  Finally you must create a character before you can launch the interface.  WIth that done it was time to start the game in earnest.
Sociolotron - Blow Job

In Game Experience:

Immediately obvious, is that this adult game is no Red Light Center, or 2nd Life.  Frankly the graphics look like something right out of an Ultima game from 10 years ago.  If you're looking for a rich 3D environment type of experience, look elsewhere.  This game really isn't about the virtual environment, but about dark fantasy, imagination, and social interaction.

The screen is split into 3 distinct sections.  The first area in the top left displays the 3D interaction window, or essentially the view of the virtual world.  An area directly below that is the chat window, which displays conversations in progress within the current room, including your own.  The area to the right displays your character status, skills, inventory, and commands.

Moving around is a point and click affair and easy to master.  To interact with other characters or objects one only has to click on them.  To exit to another game area simply walk in the appropriate direction and then double click on the aroow pointing in the direction you'd like to go.

Newbies are protected in this dark world, and are hence marked "Newbie" in the game.  As a Newbie the full command set are available, but don't do you much good until you've earned the character attributes to invoke them.  More importantly the commands others can invoke on your person are very limited.  This is a good thing, since fresh meat tends to get chewed up and spit out in this place.  As a Newbie you can explore most of the world and chat with other players.

It's immediately apparent that this is one crazy place.  Each location in the game is described in the chat window, old school style;

You are on a dirty path. . The location seems a bit sinister. Shadows move about. You hear a muffled scream. Something tells you to be extra careful around here

you see...


Zarik James

The first people I met were a guy wearing a blue suit with no shirt and a half naked courtesan sprawled out on the ground with a chain around her neck.  About 20 feet away from them I found a naked transexual with the largest cock imaginable.

Sociolotron - Sex


After exploring a bit it' became obvious that the best way to learn the game is from other players.  People are very helpful and even give you free stuff, as long as you continue wearing the "Newbie" tag.

As an aside, the game has a very rich ecosocial model.  One can build things from raw materials (see sperm above), can trade, give and receive gifts, buy services, products, and realestate.  Goods and money can also be raised through good old fashioned battles.  If you covet what your neighbor has, just off them and take their stuff.  Murder, from the game's perspective is encouraged, not to say that you won't end up in jail, which is a whole other experience.  Suffice to say although the game is grahpically weak, don't dismiss the complexity of game play.

WIth the basics out of the way it's time to talk about the sex in Sociolotron; after all this is a Sex Game.

In Game Sex:

Unlike RLC and other MMORPGs, sexual partners here, are plentiful and easy to find.  Practically every other person you walk by is ready to get it on at a moment's notice.  Women aren't shy if they want to hook up.  I met a hottie on the street named Mia Baxter and tried to seduce her.  After failing miserably  because my character hadn't yet acquire that particular skill, she let down her guard (to signal I could control her Avatar).  I took her by the hand and we then spent 5 minutes looking for an empty house.

Once inside I disrobed and also removed her clothing.  There are quite a few sex commands on the menu but you need to start slowly or things don't move along in the right direction.  For example, if you try to stick your cock in her ass while you're still limp your level of arousal will drop and nothing happens.

The sex menu is divided into three sections and offers you a wide range of actions, speeds, and positions.   The Actions menu includes grabbing, kissing, licking, inserting, and more.  Your own parts, such as hands or penis are paried with body parts of your partner such as nipples, vagina, sphincter, and so on.  Keep in mind that sex can be between any genders, and there are transexuals in the game for even more options.  These selections are convienently combined into simple actions on this menu, e.g. insert your penis into her vagina.  Available actions are determined by player gender and what you're wearing, e.g. you can't fuck if your still wearing your pants.

The second sex menu is Posture.  This menu lets you choose pairs of postures for you and your partner and is displayed graphically for simplification.  Posture options are dependant on what action you choose;  typically there are less than 10 posture pairs for each action item.

Finally, the third menu allows you to choose the speed of the action which includes, none (as in no movement), slow, medium, and vicious.  If you leave the speed on "none" your arousal level will start to drop.  Slow and medium speeds will typically raise your arousal level over time.  Vicious, for hardcore dom and sub types will quickly raise your arousal level, but will also raise your pain level and needs constant monitoring. 


Graphically the sex is horrible.  Couples rarely line up in a believable way, there is no view of genitals during sex, and even if there was the Avatars are too small to really see anything worth while.  The sex is greatly enhanced through text chat.  Mia spurred me on, "let me suck your cock until you're hard," and gave me some help with the commands until I got the hang of it.

Since I had "grabbed" Mia I was in complete control of the sex.  I started out with some slow kissing standing face to face and then rubbed her nipples for a bit.  I tried to fuck her several times but I couldn't get it up. 

Before penetration I needed a lot of oral sex, about 10 minutes worth before I could get fully erect.  Once I was "up" it was straight to the ass doggy style with vicious mode engaged.  Unfortunately my pain threshold went up and my virtual cock went down.

Ultimately I was able to climb back aboard and eventually finish the job.  When a man, or I suppose a she-male, ejaculates in the game a cum stain simply and suddenly appears on the floor; did I mention poor graphics?  After cumming I went down on Mia for a few minutes to finish her off.  Apparently after cumming men can be tied to a chair where the Succubus harvests their sperm for god knows what... oh yes to enhance magical powers.  I didn't get an opportunity to check that out but a girl got into the device and simulated how it works.

Getting Help:

Help comes in a few different forms.  First there is an extremely long manual available in PDF format, which I'm sure is comprehensive.  Second there are many on screen tool tips available.  Third, most players are very helpful to Newbies.  A nice sexy lady named Red Sonja spent a half hour with me showing me the ropes.  Your best bet is to wander around and ask a lot of questions.  You will have 10 hours to play as a Newbie so take advantage of that time before somebody takes advantage of you.

Sociolotron - Cum Shot


  • The game has a very complex ecosocial system allowing for rich characters and game play.
  • Players are extremely friendly and helpful
  • Very few limits for the sexually liberated/deviant
  • Relatively inexpensive membership


  • Dated graphics
  • Difficult installation
  • Steep learning curve
  • Too twisted for the mainstream
  • No member profiles

The Skinny:

Sociolotron is one wild ride for uninitiated.  I'll admit that when I first launched the adult game I was dissapointed with the graphics.  Having logged several hours with it, however, I've come to appreciate that graphics aren't that important here.  It is extemely easy to get sucked into this bizzare place where just about anything goes.  Mostly other players are friendly and helpful, but if you go looking for trouble you will most definately find it.  The game is a little extreme for the average person, but if you have a dark imagination this is definately the place for you.  It would be nice if players had real profiles, as in RLC, but the game gets high marks for offering a very unique MMORPG experience.

Demo: See 30 day trial

Cost: US$4/30 day trial, US$9.95/month thereafter 

Maker: Sociolotronics LLC 

Link: Sociolotron

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Review - Sociolotron
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The graphics need some work but all in all this is one of the best ones I have gotten into so far and I play several. I look forward to the next version in 3d. I play this one  for several months now and its pretty hot. Despite the graphics it is some of the best roleplay I have had in a long time. I like the darkness and danger to it as well.

review | by Dr. Radut