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Review - StripGamesWithGuys Poker

Product Category: Gay Products

Platform: MS Windows

StripGamesForGuys - Poker

Company Line:

Everyone has heard of strip-poker. This game is surely the most famous strip game in the world. This video strip poker follows the rules of the most popular of the varieties of poker, the Texas Hold'em.


StripGamesWithGuys Poker is a downloadable Texas Holdem' gay strip poker game, where you can play against 1 to 4 different hot guys at the same time. This game plays like true Texas Holdem' where your opponents have different playing styles.

The game comes bundled with 4 studs, JP, Medhi, Buno, and Philippe.  They all have a unique sense of style, as well as game play, so there is something to please you whether you like the rough manly type, the jock, or the metro sexual.

In order to beat these guys you will need to learn when each one is for real and when they are bluffing.  Beating them is worth it as you will definately get an eyeful if you do!

Downloading does take some time, 1-1/2 hours for me, so you'll have to be patient.  The overall file size is only about 330 MB, but the site appears to be band-limited.

The game launches and funs in full screen mode, but can also be played windowed if you prefer. The game includes a minimize button that will hide the game in the system tray; tapping the space bar twice accomplishes the same thing.  This is a great "Boss" feature if you happen to be playing at work, doubly so if you're a gay guy and not out! 

The GUIis very unique looking and requires about 5 minutes to learn the controls... but quite a bit longer if you don't already know how to play Texas Holdem' poker, so bone up first.

Small headshots of the guys appear in the corners of the screen.  Your cards and the interface for betting and folding are located at the bottom center of the screen right where it belongs.

Smack in the middle of the interface is a large video window where the guys appear to call, raise, fold, and to taunt you when they win.  The guys all have sevearal clips for each play and will show up in the appropriate state of undress depending upon how much moeny they have left.

In the center of the screen appears a relatively large video window where the girls appear when they ask for a raise, call, fold, or win a hand.  Each girl has a variety of clips for each move and will appear in the appropriate state of undress given how much cash she has left.

Playing gay strip poker is just as you'd expect and the game moves quickly.  You start with a pot of $100, while each of your opponents gets $500; which seems lopsided. I would prefer being able to choose how much money to start with, which would be nice for newbies.  You can vary the number of opponents from 1 to 4 which does affect the game difficult somewhat.

The blinds are $10 for large, and $5 for small.  All the rules of Texas Holdem' are in effect so if you know this game I don't need to tell you any more about how to play.  When one of your opponents drops below $400 they will have to remove an item of clothing.  When they drop below $300, another article, and so on until broke.  Each time this happens they will put on a little show which lasts about 20-30 seconds.  Of course if their luck changes and they win some money back, the clothes go back on.

The guys are all very good looking and each has their unique charms.  The guys do talk to you, but unfortunately only in French.  You can select from various other languages with button controls at the top of the screen.  Alas, this only changes the sub-titles which translate what the guys are saying.

The game doesn't come with a sound track.  Instead you can easily add your own mp3 files to an in game playlist.  If you'd prefer to can turn off the other game sounds and just enjoy some Coldplay, The Who, or whatever you crazy kids are into these days. 


  • True Texas Holdem' poker game
  • Hot guys
  • Boss panic button
  • Ability to import mp3 music


  • Guys only speak French
  • Can't adjust starting pot
  • Long initial download

The Skinny:

StripGamesWithGuys Poker is a sexy, fun, and tough game of Texas Holdem'.  This gay strip poker game is well developed, and opponents have unique playing styles.  The production quality is high, a "boss" panic button is thankfully included, and an mp3 import feature is offered to supplement the voicetrack (which is only in French).  The price point for the game is great if you like naked men and Texas Holdem'. 

Demo: Limited features

Cost: US$23

Maker: Uplay-Istrip

Link: StripGamesWithGuys

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Review - StripGamesWithGuys Poker
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