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Review - Taboo Snaps

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: Web Browser with Flash Support

Taboo Snaps

Company Line:

Welcome to the game Taboo Snaps! In this easy-to-learn, catchy game you explore Ecstasy Island and snap pictures of sexy models. See thousands of real, top-quality photos of professional models, celebrities, and performers. Score points and grab powerups to expand your abilities. Fun for every skill level-- go mellow and slow, or eat a few magic mushrooms, speed things up, and dodge the 80's-era arcade hazards. Taboo Snaps is free to play, thanks to our advertising sponsors and photographers! 


Taboo Snaps is a relatively simple straight forward free adult game.  You move your little paparazzi like character around in maze like tunnels and then pop up to take candid photos of models.

The free adult game is Browser/Flash based and mocks Fantasy Island; you play the part of Taboo (Tatoo).

Taboo Snaps loads into a small embedded window and is surrounded on three sides by banner ads.  Ads will also be presented in game window from time to time.  Below the game window are a variety of social bookmarking tools, presumably to help promote the game.

At the start up screen you will be given a variety of options for what kind of models you would like to snap; female or male, and whether or not you are ok with a little nudity.

The game launches as a top down scroller.  You move your little character around the screen and collect various items (powerups) to give your character more abilities.  Collectibles include mushrooms that speed up your character but also release monsters that will chase you around, and can potentially end your game.  

Taboo Snaps

Above ground invisible models move around.  They are identified as floating stars that move around the screen.  As you walk around the map you will find locations where you can pop your head up above ground and photograph the models.  The models will have to come close enough to you in order for you to capture their beauty.

To take a shot just aim the camera and click.  The models photo will pop up on the screen and will be saved so you can check it out later.

You are given a set number of snaps you have to take on each map.  Once complete you will move onto the next section.

The female models (I only played with females) were quite attractive.  The images are also kind of small, although of very good quality.

The game has very basic sound effects... an annoying "bloop" sound that repeats every few seconds, and the camera click.

That pretty well sums up the game play.  If you want to speed up the game you can eat some mushrooms.  Doing so, of course, introduces the risk of being caught by a monster.  I do recommend doing this, though, becuase it makes the game a little more challenging.


  • Nice looking models
  • Free
  • No download required 


  • Low quality sounds and graphics
  • Small images
  • Too many ads

Taboo Snaps

The Skinny:

Taboo Snaps offers no challenging game play, unless you choose to eat the mushrooms, and only basic graphics and sound.  The game concept does little to excite and is not much different than browsing through a series of soft-core images of attractive models.

The adult game is free, and perhaps fun for people that like to collect powerups and photos of models.  There are quite a few ads surrounding the game area, and even in the game area at times.

Cost: Free

Maker: Matthew Ford

Link: Taboo Snaps

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Review - Taboo Snaps
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review | by Dr. Radut