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Review - Total Interactive Control of Sasha Grey

Product Category: Interactive Adult DVDs

Platform: DVD Player  

Company Line:

Take control because that's how she likes it! You pick the outfit, position, and, of course, when and where you want to nut. With 100% real cum shots! This is how Sasha Grey should be- under your control!!! 


Third Degree Films makes it's Interactive Adult DVD debut with the first video in the new "Total Interactive Control" series.  Total Interactive Control of Sasha Grey has so much content it requires a dual layer DVD to pack it all in.  If that's not enough they also add a second bonus DVD featuring "Sasha Grey's Greatest Scenes."  

Interactive Sasha Grey - Anal

Sasha Grey is young, slim, stunning, and very submissive.  She was Penthouse Pet of the Month in July 2007, and holds a half dozen AVN (Adult Video News) awards including 2008 female performer of the year.

While the video was shot in hi-def for some reason there was some minor video artifact, likely the result of compression.  This is only visible up close on high resolution monitors (mine is 1920 x 1200) and shouldn't present a problem for normal HD televisions.  Sound quality, in contrast, is just perfect.  Multi-angle viewing offering extreme close ups is available in virtually every single scene.

Breaking down the content on the DVD is going to take a while so bear with me as I take it one menu at a time.  The strip tease menu offers Sasha Grey stripping in three seperate scenes which include French Maid, Fish Net, and Naughty Nurse outfits respectively.  Each scene lasts about 2 to 3 minutes and all are extremely well produced.  The Masturbation menu has three options which include fingering, toy, and anal toy.  Sasha puts on a convincing show in each and every scene.

Oral and Intercourse scenes all offer Sexy / Slutty modes which are similar to Innocent / Naughty modes from the My Plaything series.  In Sexy mode Sasha will tease and seduce you while in Slutty mode she'll ask for it hard and raunchy.

From the Oral menu you will have the options listed above and for the finale you can choose to give her a facial or make her swallow your load.  It's extremely important to point out that each and every single cum shot on this Adult DVD is 100% real.  Sasha Grey sucks and takes a load like a champ!  If you want you can jump directly to the Double BJ menu from here which I will discuss a little later on.

A nice feature of this film is the hand job scene.  From the Hand Job menu you will have the usual Slutty / Sexy options and can, of course, control when to cue up the pop shot.

There are three intercourse menus which are selected by position; doggie, missionary, and cowgirl.  Each position is offered with both vaginal and anal sex, way to go Sasha!  In addition, each sub-menu offers the same positions in both vaginal / anal with a different outfit.  When you add up all those combinations of camera angles, sexy / slutty, vaginal / anal, and three different positions it's an extemely large volume of footage.

The final and perhaps most interesting is the Sasha & Friend menu,  The "friend" in this case is Franchezca Valentina.  If you want the girls to get it one with each other you can select kissing, make the girls do down on one another, and fuck each other with toys.  Even better, you can have both hot ladies get on their knees and give you a double blow job in either slutty or sexy modes.  For this final cum shot Sasha jerks the cock off into Franchezca's mouth and then the girls snowball it back and forth a few times.

As if all that isn't enough, Third Degree Films has thrown in a bonus DVD that offers four of Sasha Grey's hottest scenes from Illegal Ass 2, Teenage Heartbreakers, Headcase 2, and All Alone 2.  The extra DVD also has behind the scenes footage, photo gallery, and trailers.    

Interactive Sasha Grey - Facial


  • Jam packed dual layer DVD
  • Multiple anal scenes
  • Rare hand job scene
  • 100% real cum shots in every scene
  • Great performance from a hot actress
  • Girl on girl and double blow job action
  • Great bonus DVD


  • Minor video artifact

The Skinny:

Third Degree Films has suddenly set a new standard for Interactive Adult DVDs.  Sasha Grey turns in a stellar performance in this loaded 2 DVD set.  Sasha takes it in the ass in multiple scenes and takes load after load of aboslutely genuine cum shots from various male performers.   The video features girl on girl, a double blow job, hand job, and a variety of outfits.  High compression appears to have left some very minor artifacts in the video, but it shouldn't be a problem for all but the largest high definition sets.  Overall this is perhaps the best Interactive Adult DVD available to date. 

Cost: US$29.39

Maker: Third Degree Films

Link: Total Interactive Control of Sasha Grey

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Review - Total Interactive Control of Sasha Grey
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Great job girls.

Oh my Satan, I couldn't have asked for a better scene of what was going to come on in the videos. It's going to be fantastic, thanks girls.

Dissapointing Performance of Sasha Grey

I recently purchased the 2 disc set of Interactive Sex with Sasha Grey. I am a fan of the genre and the actress but was very disappointed at her performance. She usually is wild, hardcore and quite natural but in the interactive disc she looked rehearsed and not that into the sex. She usually gives great head and deep throat, but the oral on the interactive disc was boring and without much deep throat. In fact the blow job on the second disc was by far better than the interactive. Interactive should show off the best that the actress has to offer, but this is definitely not the case with Sasha Grey. I still think she is great but regret buying the DVD.

review | by Dr. Radut