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Review - Uplay-Istrip Poker

Product Category: Strip Poker Games

Platform: MS Windows Uplay-Istrip Screen Shot

Company Line:

Explore a new kind of adult video game!  Girls from around the world play Sexy Belote, Strip Sudoku, Strip 4 and Strip Poker. The days of playing boring games with bad quality videos are over. New sexy girls are added regularly and all the games are based on interactive videos. Download free demos or enjoy a free online game. Watch our video presentations!


Uplay-Istrip Poker is a downloadable Texas Holdem' strip poker game, where you can play against 1 to 4 different hotties at once.  The game combines the hottest version of poker with interactive stripping girls, and does it extremely well.

Currently the game is available with nine different girls, four of which come in a pack, while the others can be purchased seperately.  Each girl comes with a unique playing style, and you'll need to learn and know them in order to win this challenging strip poker game.

The game launches and funs in full screen mode, which isn't the best idea considering you may be playing at work.  A minimize or hide button should be included in the next product update so you don't have to close the game completely should the boss happen to walk by.

Uplay-Istrip Screen Shot

The interface is completely graphical and doesn't offer traditional "Windows" style controls.  Still the learning curve for controls is about 5 minutes, especially if you already know how to play Texas Holdem poker.  Small photos of the girls appear in the four corners of the screen while your whole cards and the dialogue panel is in the bottom center where you'd expect it.

In the center of the screen appears a relatively large video window where the girls appear when they ask for a raise, call, fold, or win a hand.  Each girl has a variety of clips for each move and will appear in the appropriate state of undress given how much cash she has left.

Playing strip poker is straight forward and the game moves reasonably fast.  You start with $100, while each of your opponents has $500, which is a little unfair.  It would be nice if you could choose how much cash to start with, especially for inexperienced players.  The large and small blinds are $10 and $5 respectively.  The game plays exacting Texas Holdem' with all rules intact so no further explanation is required.  For every $100 each girl loses they will remove an article of clothing.  The stripping video clips are about 20 seconds each and can be skipped if you prefer.  Unfortunately if the girl wins back enough to pass over each $100 threshold she will put her clothes back on.


So then the ultimate goal is to get the girls completely naked by taking all their money.  This in practice, is easier said than done.  Some girls play loose aggresive while others play tight agressive, and so on.  All of them play a solid game of poker. 

The girls, for the most part, are extremely attractive, and well built.  The video quality is excellent but sound is a little lacking in some ways.  The girls do talk, but extremely rarely, and all seem to have eastern european accents.  On the bright side you can easily add your own mp3 collection as a sound track for background music.  It brightened up the game to hear a little Guns 'n' Roses while staring at a great rack. 


  • Realistic Texas Holdem' poker game
  • Hot looking opponents
  • Good quality video
  • Ability to import mp3 music


  • Girls don't speak much
  • No difficulty setting such as adjustable bank roll
  • No "boss" feature to hide the game

The Skinny:

Uplay-Istrip Poker is a fun and extremely challenging tradition Texas Holdem' strip poker game.  The game is well developed, the girls are hot, and opponents have unique playing styles.  The production quality is high and an mp3 import feature is offered to supplement weak verbal interaction.  The price point for the game is reasonable and 9 girls are currently offered. 

Demo: Limited features

Cost: US$23/4 pack of girls, or US$11/girl

Maker: Uplay-Istrip

Link: Uplay-Istrip

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Review - Uplay-Istrip Poker
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