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Review - Uplay-Istrip Sexy Chess

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows

Sexy Chess

Company Line:

Has anyone ever played Chess? Your opponents play against you through sexy interactive videos, and they really intend to catch your king!


Uplay-Istrip Sexy Chess is a downloadable interactive adult game of Chess.  Unlike other games from Uplay-Istrip you may only face one opponent in Chess, and that's Bianca, at least for now.  Bianca is a tall well built blond with a Russian accent.

The game installs as part of the overall Uplay-Istrip package, which is also offers adult games Texas Holdem' Poker, Sudoku, Belote, and Strip4.  This is a nice feature since all five adult games can be launched from one executable file.

The game can run in full screen or windowed so it can be minimized quickly, if you're playing at work or your wife walks by.  The GUI (graphical user interface) is very straight forward in this game. Once you choose Chess from the main menu you arrive at the Chess menu.  From here you can select your opponent (currently only Bianca) and skill level, easy, medium, or difficult.

By default your opponent is displayed in a large video window and the chess board is displayed in 3D to the bottom right of the video screen. For a better look at the board you can switch to a top down view at the click of a button.  There is, apparently, yet another split screen view but it didn't seem to function in the version I tested.

Sexy Chess

Playing is straight forward and requires simple point and click directions.  Click on the piece you want to move and the board will highlight squares into which you may move.  Choose one the the piece will move there.  During moves top down display is turned on automatically as a virtual hand moves your piece.  The same thing happens when Bianca makes her move.  Unfortunately the hand tends to obscure most of the board, making it difficult to tell exactly where Bianca moved sometimes.  Another issue is that there is no undo button.  On one hand, you really shouldn't be able to "take back" a move in Chess, you can't in a real game.  On the other hand, it's fairly easy to accidentally move a piece to the wrong square in this game.  The feature would be welcome.

While you are planning your next move Bianca will shuffle around and make various comments and even take the occasional jab at your Chess skills, or lack there of.  Her reactions are quite natural and make for a nice interactive experience.

To see Bianca strip you must capture her pieces.  Bianca will show more depending upon the relative value of the piece you capture.  For example, take a Bishop or Knight and she will flash her butt (underwear on), but take her Queen and she will bare all.  After each little strip scene Bianca will put her clothes back on.

When you win a game Bianca will give you a good long show and even plan with herself a little before congratulating you.  Bianca is very attractive and has massive assets for you to enjoy.  She is also fully shaved and likes to show that off.

Once you beat Bianca once you can choose to play against her while she is nude for the entire match.  The only other major control for the game is to toggle sound on/off.

I tried the various levels and found that easy wasn't for beginners, and that hard is extremely challenging.  I am an average player for what it's worth.  The game is a no brainer at it's listed price if you are in the market for a spicy adult game of Chess.



  • Good competitive computer chess
  • Hot stripper
  • Bargain price
  • Straight forward and easy to use controls


  • Only one opponent currently available
  • Board obscured when opponent moves
  • No undo control

The Skinny:

Uplay-Istrip Sexy Chess stacks up well against Love Chess, wherein you get to play against a real stripper rather than watch animated sex sequences.  Both games have their charms, why not buy both.

The video and sound quality is quite good, the opponent is cheeky and hot, and the adult game offers 3 different skill levels to choose from.  It would be nice if you could choose other opponents, a likely upgrade to come soon, and sometimes the board is obscured during play which can be annoying.  Still, for the price point this is a must buy for anybody that likes computer chess and naked women.

Demo: No nudity

Cost: US$11/girl

Maker: Uplay-Istrip

Link: Uplay-Istrip Sexy Chess

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Review - Uplay-Istrip Sexy Chess
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review | by Dr. Radut