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Review - Uplay-Istrip Strip 4

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows

uplay-istrip strip 4

Company Line:

A popular and famous game renamed Strip4. Your opponents play against you through sexy interactive videos, and they are determined to win!  The rules of Strip 4 are easy: connect 4 balls before your opponent does, but don't let yourself be distracted by the players' provocations and sexy poses. Stay concentrated if you want to see the strip-teases!  The game continues until your opponent has nothing left to take off. The more your opponent strips, the harder she is to beat, but the game becomes even more addictive...  New! This game can also be played in a normal window. You choose your opponent directly from the Start menu of your computer and the game loads discretely. You can close the window to exit quickly or minimize it and put it on the toolbar.


Uplay-Istrip Strip 4 is a downloadable adult game clone of Connect 4.  The game pits you against up to 4 different women, Angelina, Keana, Jana, or Monika.  Angelina comes preloaded and other girls can be purchased and downloaded seperately.

The game installs as part of the overall Uplay-Istrip package, which is also offers adult games Texas Holdem' Poker, Sudoku, and Belote.  This is a nice feature since all four adult games can be launched from one executable file.

The game can run in full screen or windowed so it can be minimized quickly, if you're playing at work or your wife walks by.  The GUI (graphical user interface) is very straight forward in this game.  You play the game by clicking at the top of the virtual Connect 4 board to drop you piece into the slot of your choosing.  The stripper will then place her piece, and so on it goes until somebody connects 4 pieces in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. 

The game board is set up at the bottom center of the window and is superimposed over the larger video window.  The stripper (your opponent) appears in the window, often sitting on the couch.  She will mill about while you are deciding your next move and will tease you by showing off various body parts.  When it's her turn to move she will drop a ball into the appropriate slot to simulate the board piece. uplay-istrip strip 4

Every time you win a round your opponent will do a little strip tease and take off an item of clothing.  There is a small dialogue and control window at the bottom of the screen.  Controls in the game are offered to play, pause, and replay the stripping scenes.  Thankfully, when you lose she doesn't put clothing back on. 

Unlike other games in the series, this game doesn't offer any music, sound effects, or girls talking.  There are also no instructions or options to adjust the difficulty.  These features are sorely missed although the game is still fun and the girls are still hot.

As you progress through each round your opponent will become a much better player.  This makes the game more challenging as you go, but it would still be nice to have an overall difficulty level setting.

In all there are 5 rounds, at the end of which you will have beaten the hardest game level.  As the stripper has run out of clothes the game is over.




  • Fun old school game and strippers combined
  • Good quality video
  • Nice price point


  • No music or sound effects
  • Skill level not adjustable

The Skinny:

Connect 4 has never been so much fun.  Uplay-Istrip has made this old game new again by adding a tough opponent that strips into the mix.  The adult game is simple and fun but lacks music and sound effects.  The game gest much more challenging as you progess through each subsequent level.  Beating the pants off the girl (literally) in the 5th and final level is quite challenging.  If you like Connect 4 and strippers this is a great game for killing a few hours at home or at the office.

Demo: Limited features

Cost: US$11/girl

Maker: Uplay-Istrip

Link: Uplay-Istrip Sudoku

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Review - Uplay-Istrip Strip 4
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