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Review - Uplay-Istrip Sudoku

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows Uplay-Istrip Sudoku

Company Line:

Explore a new kind of adult video game!  Girls from around the world play Sexy Belote, Strip Sudoku, Strip 4 and Strip Poker. The days of playing boring games with bad quality videos are over. New sexy girls are added regularly and all the games are based on interactive videos. Download free demos or enjoy a free online game. Watch our video presentations!


Uplay-Istrip Sudoku is a downloadable strip Sukoku adult game, where you can play with any of 3 different sexy girls.  The game combines the wildly popular Sudoku with naked women which turns out to be a great match.  The Sudoku adult game is available with Lisa, Nina, and Lucie, which can be purchased and downloaded seperately.

The game installs as part of the overall Uplay-Istrip package, which is also offers adult games Texas Holdem' Poker, Strip 4, and Belote.  This is a nice feature since all four adult games can be launched from one executable file.

The game runs in full screen mode and doesn't include a minimize or "boss" button which is sorely lacking in an otherwise solid adult game.  Like the other games, the GUI (graphical user interface) in Sudoku is unconvential in that buttons aren't clearly outlined and simply don't look like buttons.  Still, the learning curve is extremely short so this isn't really a problem.  The game screen is decorated nicely and primary controls are provided on the right hand side of the amply sized and centrally located video window.

Uplay-Istrip Sudoku

Primary controls include buttons for sound, help, and to close the adult game.  Sound is provided in the game by adding your own mp3 files to the play list.  Music can be played in order selected or randomly, and looping can be toggled off and on.

A small dialogue box is provided below the video area where the girl will interact with you via text messages such as "do you want me to strip?"  You actually only have one option to answer each query, which is to click the "OK" button.

Within the video window appears the stripper and the Sudoku board.  Completing the puzzle is accomplished by pointing and clicking with the mouse and filling in each square with the numbers 1-9.  The standard Sudoku rules apply.  After you successfully complete each puzzle the girl will do a little strip tease and remove a  piece of clothing.  While you're working on each puzzle the model will tease you with a variety of short cut scenes.

As you progress through puzzles they will get progressively harder.  Unfortunately there is no way to save your game so you may have to play for a long time (depending upon your skill level) in order to get the girls completely nude.  The ladies are hot, seductive, and well worth seeing naked since the production quality is so good!




  • Sudoku plus hot strippers in one
  • Good quality video
  • Ability to import mp3 music


  • No save feature
  • No panic button to hide the game

The Skinny:

This simple & innovative adult game from Uplay-Istrip takes Sudoku to a new level.  If you enjoy those addictive puzzles and like seeing some skin this is a perfect game for you.  The game is well crafted, easy to learn and play, and the girls are very hot.  Being able to play your own background music is a welcome feature and improves the entertainment factor.  The game lacks a few minor features, most importantly a "boss" button and save option.  Overall, this product is polished and offered at a very reasonable price.

Demo: Limited features

Cost: US$11/girl

Maker: Uplay-Istrip

Link: Uplay-Istrip Sudoku

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Review - Uplay-Istrip Sudoku
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