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Review - The Velvet Express

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows

Company Line:

The Velvet Express is an highly interactive virtual sex simulator situated in the 30's of the past century. Inspired on the golden age of luxury rail travel, the Velvet Express encompasses a myriad of sexual encounters to suit all tastes. Due to our enhanced animation system, the experience is exciting, magical and distinctive every time you embark.


The Velvet Express from Artmunk, is a 3D Sex Game set on board a train in the 1930's.  The game's scenery and music track are eclectic, with the former reminding me of the movie "Wild Wild West."  The game has a beautifully crafted dark and Gothic feel, which is offset by mostly gentle lovemaking and classical piano music.

The cast of this most interesting adult game includes three male and four female characters at the moment.  Each model has very unique characteristics with different ethnicity, outfits, body types, and in some cases, body modifications.  You play the role of one of the male characters.  There are currently no options for modifying any of the models, but that's ok, in this game it simply makes for a more real-world kind of experience. 

Velvet Express - Blow Job

The 3D sex game starts with you choosing a male model from aboard one of the train cars.  Ok, that was easy; now learn to walk.  The Velvet Express employs a rather unique, and very cool, navigation system.  Your character is free to roam from car to car checking out the various active female characters, scenes, and extras (all wearing gas masks).  Moving is generally a pretty easy affair with the D-Pad controls; use the keyboard for forward, left, right, and backward.  It can get a little tricky, however, near the exits.  When you move from car to car your vantage point automatically reverses, but your controls don't; not to worry, this only takes about 5 minutes to get used of. 

When you approach an active female, meaning one you can interact with, she will automatically stand up.  At the same time the well crafted sex controls will appear at the bottom of the screen.  To engage in sex just scroll left and right with the mouse to the position you want, click, and voila


Each female model comes with a variety of positions, some are unique, while others are available for all characters.  In all there are, apparently, just under 60 different sexual positions.  Most of the positions are for intercourse and offer much more than the usual doggie, missionary, and cowgirl options.  Many of the positions, in fact, are Karma Sutra like in complexity.  The remaining few positions are for oral sex, which includes blow jobs, cunnilingus, and some variations on the 69 theme.

Once engaged in sex you can move the camera in space with the D-Pad and change the lens angle and zoom with the mouse.  Four preset cameras may be selected at any time using Function keys or by clicking on the numbers 1-4 with the mouse.  To control the characters during sex click the CTRL key rhythmically to adjust the speed and depth of penetration.  Albeit a very simple method of control, it does allow your other hand free... for whatever.  

If you'd like to record your session simply press "R" to start and "X" to stop recording.  The file will be exported for viewing later.

Besides the bountiful number of positions the game utilizes a lot of props.  There are an inflatable sex doll, gallows, giant spider like mechanical device, and more.

Velvet Express - Cowgirl

Each room is beautifully crafted and unique, as are the costumes and the overall look and feel of the adult game.  The models look fantastic, and while not as detailed as in SexVilla, they some how seem less mechanical.  The animation is excellent although collision detection needs some work as body parts tend to meld together at times.  Penises and vaginas look pretty good but not as detailed as in many other top 3D sex games.

The score is outstanding, if you like classical piano music, kind of the type you'd hear in a silent picture.  Sound effects only include some panting and the odd moan.  It would be nice if the characters were voiced, but not a big distraction since the music is nice to listen to.

The sex is as fulfilling as in any other 3D sex game.  Having said that, there is no anal sex, no threesomes, and no money shots.  The variety here is provided by the many unique positions, and well designed scenery.

The options menu provides controls for adjusting the volume of music and sounds effects, screen resolution & windowed vs. full-screen mode, and recording length.

Velvet Express - Machine


  • Innovative look and feel for a 3D Sex Game
  • Excellent and fun navigation system
  • Novel props
  • Good variety of models and positions
  • Nice low one time cost


  • No anal, threesomes, or money shots
  • Characters don't talk
  • Some issues with collision detection

The Skinny:

The Velvet Express is a great new 3D sex game offering a unique look and feel, novel props, great characters, and cool Gothic locales.  Many Karma Sutra like sexual positions can be explored, but there is no anal, group sex, and nary a money shot to be found.  The music is perfectly suited for the game, and sound effects are adequate.  There are a few minor glitches with animation but this is a fairly early version so that will likely get cleaned up in a future update.  With low one time cost of about $30, this is just the ticket if you want a high quality adult game on a budget.  I would definitely pick this one up.

Demo: Free Demo Available

Cost: US$19.99

Maker: Artmunk

Link: The Velvet Express

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Review - The Velvet Express
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Velvet Express

If you think this is a good game, I'd hate to see what you consider bad. This game is a rip. Characters are zombie like, sound is minimal and boring, and gameplay is way too repetitious. Might be worth downloading if it were free, but definitely not worth the price.

review | by Dr. Radut