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Review - Virtual Blackjack with Gina Lynn

Product Category: Interactive Adult DVDs / Adult Game 

Platform: DVD Player

Virtual Blackjack with Gina Lynn - Cover

Company Line:

Virtual Blackjack is a DVD game playable on a set-top DVD player or a computer that lets you play strip blackjack against porn superstar Gina Lynn. She'll dance and strip for you as you win hands in blackjack, but don't let her win any of her clothes back! Win the game and you'll get the ultimate reward - multi-angle, interactive sex with Gina! Good luck!

Virtual Blackjack with Gina Lynn - Back Cover


Virtual Blackjack with Gina Lynn is a kind of all-in-one virtual sex application.  First, it's an Interactive adult DVD that provides you with the usual capbilities to choose short looped back scenes on the fly, watch from various camera angles, and control the pop shot.  Second, it's a classic Blackjack game which pits you against Gina (the computer).  Third, since Gina performs a strip-tease it's a Virtual Exotic Dancer program.  The question is whether it does any of thse things well.  Let's answer that question, suitably, in three parts.Virtual Blackjack with Gina Lynn - Bra

The Blackjack interface lacks punch, but it offers all the basic functionality you would expect to see in a good Blackjack game.   The game loads each card screen by screen, I suppose that's the only way it can be done on DVD.  There are some cut scenes of Gina taunting and teasing between hands.  You may bet $10, $20, or $30 per hand.  You may split, double down, hit, and stand in the appropriate positions.  The game takes some artisitic license in that you may resign (or surrender) as they call it if you don't think you can beat the dealer's hand, and only lose half your bet.  Game progress can be slow due to long reloading times on some DVD players, so if you're looking for a really good and and entertaining game of computer Blackjack without the sex, this isn't it.

As is customary for strip, well strip anything, you get to see some skin when you reach certain goals.  In this case, you and Gina each start with $250 and play until you win $50 from her and then she takes off her blouse.  For every subsequent $50 won she takes off another item of clothing until she's busted.  be wary though, if she wins some money back she'll be putting those garments back on again.  The stripping is fantastic, with each scene lasting between 2 and 3 minutes each.  Gina teasing before and after taking it off, and you really get a good gawk at her incredible body in each scene.  Here is a sample video of game play, but unfortunately there is no nudity in this one.

 Virtual Blackjack with Gina Lynn - Cards

After you've busted Gina down to nothing she will take you to the bedroom where she performs her last dance, on the bed.  After her final dance you can finally have sex with her.  The DVD contains 17 sex scenes, although some of those are actually the ejaculation shots that should be called up from the appropriate sex act scene.  In fact, there is no on screen menu provided for the sex scenes at all.  Just for the record the scenes are: hands>tits, hands>pussy, hands>ass, masturbate, lick>pussy, blowjob, missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl, cum>face, cum>ass, cum>tits, cum>pussy, foot massge, tickle, and spank.  Those of you paying attention will have noticed that anal isn't included in the list.

The multiple camera angles feature the usual POV and the primary shot and generally a side shot for the second.  A unique third angle features both previous shots side by side in small windows.  Some secondary angles are a little odd looking, like doggy where you can't see any penetration.  The cum shots, four of them as indicated above are fabulous in that they are all real!  This is unheard of for an Interactive DVD and I hope the makers of My Plaything will take notice.

Virtual Black Jack with Gina Lynn - Doggy

One problem that could have dogged this application is that the Blackjack is almost too real, and frankly it's hard to win consitantly.  To remedy that the game provides you with a code at each stage which you can save to start at that stage again should you wish to jump right into the later stripping scenes, or even straight to the sex.


The product is well produced, plays a reasonably good game of computer Blackjack.  The Interactive Sex is of excellent quality, and there are real cum shots! 


The Blackjack interface is dull, the game lacks a musical score, and there is no on screen menu system once in a scene.  There are no anal sex scenes.

Virtual Black Jack with Gina Lynn - Facial

The Skinny:

The product does an admirable job of bringing together the elements of BlackJack and Interactive Sex to adult DVDs.  Overall this very unique combination product is very well packaged and has most of the features offered in the three seperate genres.  The product lacks the polish and features of the top programs in each genre, and is missing anal sex, but does offer real ejaculation scenes which beats the competition hands down.

Cost: US$25.95

Maker: Exquisite Pleasures

Link: Virtual Blackjack with Gina Lynn

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Review - Virtual Blackjack with Gina Lynn
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