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Review - Virtual Candice

Product Category: Strip Games

Platform: MS Windows Virtual Candice - Home Page

Company Line:

See gorgeous Candice in full 3D animation on your very own desktop.  You can see her naked, moving in a series of erotic dances right there in the corner of your screen.


Virtual Candice, like other creations from Xaya, is a very high quality fully rendered 3D character.  In this case, Candice, also featured in a screensaver, dances on your desk-top in the lower right hand corner of your display.

Candice, a pink haired voluptuous stripper looks fantastic and appears in a nice large size on the screen, about a third height on my 16:9 widescreen monitor.

The controls for the program can be accessed easily by right clicking on Candice.   The hot temptress currently has 8 different moves you can select from, some of which include: stroking her hips, shy standing, stroking her breasts, hanging from the screen, and crouching.  Selecting nothing appears to let Candice choose random moves to perform.  You can also select a repeat time of 10, 30, or 50 seconds, or infinite loop.  For those of you that need to be discrete there is a quick hide/show control along with exit.

Installing the program was a snap and in all honesty more pleasant to look at than the grainy footage of real strippers offered in Virtugirl2.  If you'd like something a little less "naked" you should check out the Virtual Eclipse fantasy warrior character also from Xaya.  Candice has a one time cost of about $10 and is well worth the small investment.

Virtual Candice - Stripping


  • Hot looking and amazingly well rendered stripper babe with a big display size
  • Simple easy installation and controls, and easy to hide/unhide.


  • Only one character to choose from.

The Skinny:

Virtual Candice is a simple but very high quality stripper for your desk top.  While not having the variety of characters or options offered by competing products, it displays beautifully, and comes at a bargain price.

Demo: limited to 10 models, topless only

Cost: US$9.95

Maker: Xaya s.r.o.

Link: Discontinued

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Review - Virtual Candice
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review | by Dr. Radut