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Review - The Virtual Encyclopedia Of Sex

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: Windows/Mac

The Virtual Encyclopedia Of Sex - Reverse Cowgirl

Company Line:

The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex is not just a fun and erotic computer game, it's also a great way to improve your sex IQ with the help of the latest insights and researched sexual techniques from authorities like Dr. Alan Manevitz and sexologist Jayme Waxman.


The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex from Artmunk, is a combination 3D Sex Game and educational tool in the art of love making.  The game, sponsored by Playgirl, is a wonderfully produced product featuring great graphics and sound, amazing game play, and narrative by sex expert Jamye Waxman.

In this 3D sex game the sex is all one on one.  From the home screen you may select from four preset couples, Jill & Bob, Mary & Peter, Susan & Gerard, or Mira & Stuart.  Each couple can be customized in the dressing room.  Changes to the models are made with simple selection and spin buttons.  Hair, face, eyes, makeup, breast size, skin tone, pubic style, clothing, and body art can be cutomized for female characters.  For men, you can change hair, facial hair, eyes, body hair, and body decoration.  Your newly customized couple can be saved under a new name for later retrieval.  While customization lacks the nuances of games such as SexVilla this system is straight forward, easy to use, and allows you to get to the game action more quickly.   

Encyclopedia of Sex - Dressing Room

Once you're finished in the dressing room it's off to have sex.  The game offers no scene selection, although different sexual positions are achieved on various props throughout the Art Deco style play space.

Your chosen couple will get right to it when the game starts.  The first thing that's apparent is the extremely high quality graphics and sound... perhaps the best we've seen so far.  The game screen is well organized with easy to access controls.  In the top left corner you will find three quick view icons that let you instanatly change the vantage point.  In the bottom left corner you will find options to go back to the dressing room or home screen.  Bottom center you will find a iconic scroll bar that provides a menu of available sexual positions which include oral, intercourse, anal, petting, and more.  In the bottom right you will find options for sound, help, information about the current sexual position, and the achievements menu. Across the top center of the screen is the gameplay graphic... more on achievements and gameplay grahpic later.

Besides the quick change view controls you can adjust the camera manually using a combination of the keyboard and mouse.  This to me is a short coming of the game.  The keyboard layout is not at all intuitive and took me nearly an hour to find a good comfort level with... until then it'll be frustrating trial and error.


As indicated off the top, once in game the couple will happily, well couple, without any intervention from you.  You can adjust the camera angle and select different postions until your heart is content.  What quickly notice, however, is that not all positions are available.  This is where gameplay comes in.

When you click on the "achievements" menu you will see a long list of accomplishments you must achieve in order to unlock additional sexual positions.  Achievements go from simple to nearly impossible, some being quite humerous along the way.  One example "Minute Man," only requires that you reach an orgasm within one minute with a score of at least 3/7.  A more interesting example "Lizard's Tongue," requires you complete 3 oral sex sessions at a score of 5/7 or higher, while both Characters are wearing a dragon tattoo.

Accomplishing achievements doesn't require selection.  Simply engage in regular gameplay (explained in a moment) and meet all criteria of any achievements.

Gameplay is relatively straight forward.  Depress the CTRL or Space Bar once to get started.  Two half circle graphics will activate at the top of the screen.  Press CTRL or Space in sync with when the moving cursor is in the white area.  Press again, and again, and again, to fill up the hearts display.  There will be 7 cycles to go through like this to complete a session.  Get all 7 cycles perfectly and you'll score a perfect 7.  The rest depends on sexual positions and your couple's accutriments.  In more challenging postions the cursor will move faster and the margin for error (white area) will be smaller... thus ensuring a continuous challenge.  The game comes with a tutorial (just hit T from the gameplay screen) that explains everything in detail.

Encyclopedia Of Sex - Gameplay

The game is more sensual and erotic than graphic; it is produced for Playgirl afterall.  A major component of the software is the educational aspect.  The in game "about" menu offers great detail about every sexual postion including the benefits, tips, challenges, celebrity tie-in, jokes, slang, and more.  The info can simply be read, or you can listen to the narrator while you continue to play.

Virtual Encyclopedia Of Sex beautifully marries erotic gameplay with sex education, and provides amazing animation and sound along the way.



  • Top shelf animation and sound
  • Excellent gameplay engine and rewards system
  • Professional tips and info from sex experts
  • Nice low one time cost
  • Sensual & erotic, great for couples


  • Tricky camera controls
  • Limited character customization

Encyclopedia Of Sex - Anal

The Skinny:

The Virtual Encyclopedia Of Sex does an incredibly wonderful job of combining sexual education with great gameplay.  Whether you would like to learn a few new tricks to try with your partner, or just want some erotic gameplay as a distraction this software is sure to please.

This brand new 3D sex game offers excellent animation and sound quality, a good range of customization options, and a bevy of hot erotic positions to choose from.  Not to mention the excellent narration and support of top sex experts.  Gameplay is straight forward but contstantly challenging and fun.

With a one time price and hours and hours of content to unlock this is one the best deals out there.

Demo: N/A

Cost: US$29.99

Maker: Artmunk

Link: The Virtual Encyclopedia Of Sex

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Review - The Virtual Encyclopedia Of Sex
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