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Review - Virtual Eve

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows

Virtual Eve - Blow Job Screen Capture

Company Line:

If you want the most advanced, interactive, immersive 3D sex game on the market; if you want to have mind-blowing hardcore virtual sex with the most beautiful, realistic, life-like virtual girl ever created; you want Virtual EVE™... NOW!!!

Virtual Eve - Missionary Screen Capture Overview:

Virtual Eve is an inexpensive 3D sex game (virtual sex) that provides basic functionality.  The software installs onto your Windows PC so there is only the one-time purchase cost rather than recurring subscription fees of many other offerings.  You may choose from a menu of looping sex acts to view and then zoom in and out and rotate the camera along both axis in 360° to view the action from virtually any conceivable angel.  The software allows you to choose from 16 sexual positions and includes blow jobs, hand jobs, and even foot jobs.


The software is inexpensive and easy to use.  The software provides good quality graphics and action.  Software can be controlled using one hand, leaving the other hand free to.... ahem. 


The software only let's you choose one girl and the environment is a simple white background.  The only interaction is camera manipulation and scene selection.  Having this kind of software installed on your PC could present a problem if you share the computer with others or use it at work.

Virtual Eve - Foot Job Screen Capture 

The Skinny:

Virtual Eve offers a good 3D sex game at a modest price point, but the lack of character and environment configuration means things can get tedious for regular users.

Demo: Limited number of positions and no nudity

Cost: US$19.95

Maker: Eve Interactive

Link: Virtual Eve

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Review - Virtual Eve
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