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Review - Virtual Hottie 2 / 3D Girlz

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows

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Company Line (Virtual Hottie 2):

Virtual Hottie 2 is an advanced 3d sex game simulation that runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 2000.  Features include threesomes, lesbians, toys, realistic environments, lingerie, sexy outfits, and much more!  Easy to use controls - if you can play a video, then you can play this!  Free tutorial included!

Company Line (3D Girlz):

3d Girlz is one of the most advanced adult virtual sex games on the planet. Fulfill any fantasy with life-like cybersex graphics that look so good, you'd swear they were real! 3d Girlz is the only 3d sex game that allows you to choose your partner's hair color, eye color, skin color, and   piercings.  Numerous high detail locations can be selected for you and your virtual sex partner to act out all your fantasies! Solo, girl on guy, lesbian and even threesome action available!  


As the name would suggest, Virtual Hottie 2 is the sequal to Virtual Hottie.  Let's clear something up very quickly, and that is that this new product is also sold under the name 3D Girlz.  The two products are absolutely identical.  The new virtual sex simulation (3D sex game) has very little in common with it's predesessor (Virtual Hottie), save it's name, as it is light years ahead in quality and functionality.  Virtual Hottie 2 or 3D Girlz, take your pick, is a fully interactive simulation that allows you to customize characters and select from a variety of fully rendered 3D environments.

The program opens to a configuration screen where you can choose the locale and customize your characters.  There are 5 great looking environments to choose from; island, castle, forest, temple, and white room (insert Eric Clapton joke here).  Next you can select the charactors, either single girl, girl-girl, guy-girl, or guy-girl-girl (threesome).  The ladies can be customized by ethnicity, latin, asian, black, or white, and you can set different variations of skin tone for each.  You can choose various hair colors and lengths, eye color, breast size (A to DDD cup), and pubic hair styles.  Finally you can accessorize the girls with piercings, lingerie, underwear, and glasses.  Ultimately the faces and bodies are the same, but they are smoking hot models, so that doesn't really present a problem.  For male characters you can choose ethnicity, eye color, and penis size.  One minor annoyance is that options for female characters are displayed and can be changed even while the male character is displayed, and vice versa.  It is nice, however, that all settings are controlled on one screen.

Once into the action you see that the characters look fantastic and move very naturally.  Transitioning from one position to another happens slowly and looks as it should look; rather than having characters instantly appear in the new position, like in many other 3D sex games.  Solark did a nice job with motion capture for this program and it shows in the attention to detail. Each sex act has a rich sequence of little movements and postures in contrast to the old in-and-out of many other programs.  On the downside the collision detection isn't great as characters sometimes don't line up correctly.

The scene can be rotated in 360º and zoomed in and out to get the exact view you want.  The sex can be controlled manually or automatically in 3 different speeds.  Most positions are offered for sex including missionary, cowgirl, spooning, 69, titty fuck, blowjob, fingering, masturbation, and dildo action.  With threesome action (which is pretty unique) you can have a combination of sexual activities, such as a getting a blow job from both girls at once.  Very importantly, there is no anal sex, which is a major oversight for such an advanced product.

During the action the program prompts you for random actions such as giving the girl a slap in the ass, telling her to play with her tits or pussy, or for her to switch between blowjob and handjob; a nice touch to add some more realism.  Orgasm is reached by the girls, when the heart icon fills up, and by the men, when the tear-drop icon fills up.  This means, for better or for worse, you can't demand a pop shot every 5 seconds.

The sound effects are great, and are customized to the environment.  The girls utter a wide variety of moans and groans appropriate for the action, and don't repeat so often that you feel like you're getting it on with a $50 hooker.

One bonus feature is that you can export the action to .avi format and then play it back later.  Word on the street is that Solark is working on network play which would allow for orgies and more character customizations, so stay tuned for that.  The main product site doesn't offer a demo and when I found one on a resellers site I couldn't get it functioning on my PC.  In a rare move Solark offers the product for download or they will ship you a CD-ROM.

Virtual Hottie - Hand Job


  • Incredibly detailed models and actions
  • Rich envinroments and sound
  • Threesome action
  • Easy to configure and control


  • Some minor quirks with settings screen
  • Collision detection needs minor improvement
  • No anal sex
  • No try before you buy demo version, although there is a 3-day trial for sale

Virtual Hottie - Threesome

The Skinny:

This is one of the most realistic looking and fluid 3d sex games yet.  Controlling the action is very easy and intuitive, and automatic mode makes for good viewing.  While there are not as many scenes or models to choose from as are offered in some competing products, those that are offered look and move like the real thing.  Most of the problems noted with the application are technical glitches that will likely be worked out in later releases.   There are two major oversights, one being the complete lack of anal sex, and the second being the lack of a demo version.  Offering movie trailers displaying the action partially makes up for not having a demo.  All in all a great product in the 3D sex games genre.

Demo: None

Cost: US$19.95/month, US$59.95/year, US$14.95/3-day trial 

Maker: Solark

Links: 3D Girlz

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Review - Virtual Hottie 2 / 3D Girlz
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