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Review - Virtual Reality Adult Games

Product Category: Adult Games 

Platform: Windows/Mac 

VRA - Sex Master

Company Line:

The sole virtual reality sex games that completely fulfill your expectations. The games offer real screen penetration capability, Unlimited interactive sexual actions, the real power of caressing, touching, fondling, petting, fingering, squeezing and making love with your screen girl. 


Virtual Reality Adult Games, or VRA, offers three distinct sex games in their product lineup.  All the sex games are interactive simulations that offer challenging game play, and require a lot of patience to complete.  Unlike the vast majority of adult games, VRA has written their games to run on both PC and Mac.

The first in the series, Sex Master, is a BDSM themed sex game where you tease and torture (the slap and tickle kind) a girl that's tied up in a barn.  The game sounds easy, but it most definitely is not!  Playing with the girl requires surgical like precision, and poorly designed controls and interface make it difficult at best.


To manipulate tools of the trade and virtually interact with the girl you use two on screen hands.  The left hand is controlled clumsily with the D-pad, while the Shift key is used to close the hand, and hence grip objects. Thankfully the right hand is moved using the mouse, and using the left mouse button to grasp as needed.

Visually the interface isn't very realistic.  When it seems like you've just about lined up the hand to pick something up it suddenly pops out in the foreground of the object... hence the need for exacting precision.  After a lot of practice, controls do get easier, but nothing ever seems intuitive in the game.

This, and all other games in the series do offer a list of actions so at least you know what you are supposed to be able to do.  In all, Sex Master has 130 distinct actions available.

Eventually if you work really hard, you can get the girl naked, finger her, attach nipple clamps, and stuff a dildo into her love tunnel.  As you go through the motions the girl will react to various stimuli audiovisually making the game a little more interesting to play.

In the second sex game, Sex Action, your goal is pretty much the same as the first game, except in this case the girl isn't tied up.  The game, and the third in the series, share the same controls as Sex Master.  This game will test your skills of seduction as you will need to use a lot of foreplay to get the girl to do what you want.  With enough stroking, petting, and any of the other 278 available actions you can eventually fuck the model with a dildo.

VRA - Sex Action

The third, and final game, Sex Extras, offers up some blow job action for your enjoyment.  Seemingly in this game, it is a bit easier to get the model to do what you want, e.g. grab her head and pull down until she sucks your cock.  Like the others, this game has an enormous number of actions available, 230 to be exact.  The goal is simple in this game, cum as many times as you can.  Each time you cum it will be more challenging to get hard and cum again... just like in real life.

The sex games come as individual downloads and may be purchased and installed seperately.  The games run in very small windows, at least on my screen, and no full screen option is available. 

Graphics and animation are dated by today's standards, but the models do react in a natural manner.  Sound effects and music volume can be adjusted to suit your taste.  The girls will moan, grunt, and giggle appropriate to what sex act you're currently engaged in.  The girls don't talk, however, which would be a nice future upgrade.

The sex games do come with a boss panic button, but once depressed you will lose all your progress and have to relaunch the games from scratch.  As there is no save feature this can be frustrating for the work crowd.

VRA - Sex Extras


  • Very challenging game play
  • Rare BDSM action
  • Runs on Mac and PC
  • Boss function


  • Dated graphics and animation
  • Long load time
  • Frustrating controls
  • No save feature

The Skinny:

Virtual Reality Adult Games offer extremely challenging game play; so much so that it can be a matter of frustration at times.  The graphics are dated and the sex games only play windowed, but good sound effects and some kinky BDSM play do make up for those deficiencies.

Controls are very tricky and visual cues don't always help.   I highly recommend downloading and trying the demos first before buying.  If you enjoy a challenge and some kink, VRA games could be right up your alley.

Demo: Limited Actions, No Nudity

Cost: US$24.9/each

Link: Obsolete

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Review - Virtual Reality Adult Games
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review | by Dr. Radut