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Review - Virtual Sex With Brianna Banks

Product Category: Interactive Adult DVDs

Platform: DVD Player Virtual Sex With Brianna Banks - Mouthful

Company Line:

Virtual Sex with Briana Banks was created to satisfy all your fantasies. Briana takes over, as she undresses and caresses herself. She'll be naughty or nice, you choose. Make Briana cum on demand, do her doggy style, anal or have her give you sloppy, wet blowjob. Briana Banks is a sexual animal and in Virtual Sex, you control her every move. Finally, you have a reason to go home.

 Virtual Sex With Brianna Banks - Reverse Cowgirl


Here's another Interactive Adult DVD in the "Interactive Sex" line up from Digital Playground.  Brianna Banks is a top adult film starlet, and carries the affectionate nick-name of "tits on a stick."  If you like super slim girls with big tits you've just hit the jackpot! 

As with the rest of the series, this video let's you choose various scenes on the fly, thus simulating an interactive sexual experience with the featured bimbo.

The video quality is pretty good in this release, which was shot in HD 720p and can be viewed in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio.  Sound is offered in 5.1 surround sound and quality is extremely good.  The DVD features multiple camera angles on demand in virtually every scene.

From the main menu video segments are broken down into sub-menu items, strip, stories, foreplay, and sex.  Menu items are available on screen and can be slected with directional control using a standard DVD player, or via point & click with mouse if you play it on a PC.

Brianna Banks puts on a very nice strip show with a lot of teasing while wearing a hot red bra and panties.  Eventually the hot slut takes it all off and provides you with a great and long look at every inch of her great body.  The strip scene lasts for about four minutes before looping back to the main menu.

Similar to the "strip" menu, the "stories" menu offers just one scene which eventually loops back to the main menu.  While a staple in the series, the stories offer little more than about two minutes of chatter from the porn star.  She talks about her painful first sexual experience when she was seventeen and also what she enjoys sexually.

Once past the preliminary material you can click on the foreplay to get to some real action.  On this screen you will be able to select from a variety of foreplay activities, choose Brianna's mood (innocent or naughty), and select from multiple camera angles.  Foreplay options offered in this title include fingering, cunnilingus (oral), or using a gold toned dildo on miss Banks' pussy and ass.  Switching from innocent to naughty mode will adjust the level of encouragement she gives you, and how hard you give it to her.  Unfortunately there is no virtual tongue for oral but then I guess there is no easy way to shoot a real tongue in POV anyway.  Hitting the "ORG" button (orgasm) from any foreplay scene gets Brianna off; I must admit she sells it very well.

 Virtual Sex With Brianna Banks - Anal

Finally and most importantly is the sex menu.  The primary sex screen can be pulled up from the main menu or directly and conveiniently from the foreplay screen by pressing the "SEX" button.

By default, as in most interactive adult DVDs, you'll start in a semi missionary position with a great top down camera angle for a full view of penetration.  Regular intercourse positions include missionary (as mentioned above), doggy style, cowgirl (girl on top), and reverse cowgirl (girl on top facing away).  All default camera angles are perfectly selected, and the alternate angles are fun too.

Unlike in the foreplay menu, clicking on "ORL" from the sex menu, is the queue for a blow job, not cunnilingus.  Brianna Banks really knows how to suck, and gives great performances in both innocent and naughty modes.

Clicking on the "ANAL" button, obviously brings up an anal scene.  It's nice to see Brianna taking it up the butt in this title, when so many other titles in the series don't offer it at all.  On the downside only the missionary position is offered for bum fucking.

As for the ever popular "ORG" button, it does what else, but bring up ejaculation scenes for virtually every sexual position and permutation.  Most scenes offer fake cum shots, arranged by holding a small hidden tube up against the base of the penis.  Other scenes are faked by preloading Brianna's mouth or pussy with simulated spunk which can then be spit or squeezed out on cue.  Thankfully ejaculate was not computer generated which looks terrible in other interactive virtual sex films.  It is disappointing, however, that we don't even get at least one real facial.

Unlike the "My Plaything" series, this video and other titles from "Virtual Sex With..." don't offer an extra features.  It would be nice to have a photo set or maybe some previews from other vids, but alas it wasn't meant to be.      

Virtual Sex With Brianna Banks - Doggy Cum Shot


  • Brianna Banks turns in a convincing performance
  • Nice anal sex scene
  • Cum shots simulated on screen instead of CGI
  • High quality video and sound


  • Nary a real cum shot - most vids have a real facial
  • No standout features or scenes on this DVD
  • Minimal content 

The Skinny:

Brianna Banks puts on a solid performance in an otherwise average interactive video.  There is nothing really wrong with the video, but there are no stand out features either.  Brianna takes it up the ass in one position, which is rare in the "Virtual Sex With..." series.  At the same time, she doesn't take any real cum shots and there isn't even a simulated facial.  The production quality, acting, and camera angles are excellent but there just isn't enough content to make this a top notch product.  This is worth picking up for any Brianna fan, but otherwise there are much better options available. 

Cost: US$27.65

Maker: Digital Playground

Link: Virtual Sex with Brianna Banks

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Review - Virtual Sex With Brianna Banks
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