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Review - Virtual Sex Stroker

Product Category: Interactive Sex Toys

Platform: MS WindowsSex Stroker - Assembled Product

Company Line:

As you thrust yourself into the Cyberskin Pussy (non-vibrating)  the 3D Male Model (or sex toy) will match you thrust for thrust. As you stroke yourself you will be having SEX with the 3D model of your choice! Play the game and watch Nurse Nicci perform a SEXY striptease just for you. You will enter Nurse Nicci's naughty 3D fantasy world, and Nurse Nicci has other 3D playmates waiting for you! The Nurse Nicci Game comes free with the Sex Toy Vagina and allows you to have 3D sex along with our Online Sex Toy (a Male like you) so you can enjoy Nurse Nicci over and over. There are 24 different positions to chose from, and he will match you thrust for thrust as he has SEX with Nurse Nicci through YOU! You can have SEX over & over with the most beautiful girls in the world. For those men with darker desires, you can unleash your hidden bondage fantasies; just think of all the fun you can have with these beautiful women at your MERCY.


The Virtual Sex Stroker (a.k.a. Cyberskin Virtual Sex Stroker) is currently the only interactive sex toy that's compatible with a variety of different simulations.  The product works with it's prepackaged software, Nurse Nicci, along with most of the thriXXX line-up including 3D Slut, Hentai 3D, Hentai II 3D, and 3D SexVilla.

The product is essentially a simulated vagina made out of Cyberskin, a very high quality and realistic feeling rubber material.  The device conects to your PC via a USB port and comes with a CD to install drivers and the Nurse Nicci program.  It's important to point out here this is an Input device, like a mouse or joystick.  The device is not robotic, nor does it vibrate or have any motors.  The device works by sensing your thrusts in and out and then replicates those motions in the Nurse Nicci or other sex simulation.

The product feels great, and can be placed flat on the floor or bed for easier use although you may then need a USB extension cord depending upon how far away your PC is.  The device is a little akward to use, particularly if you're also trying to use the mouse or keyboard at the same time, but it does give you that loving feeling.  The product measures 7" in length and about 3" around, so the extremely large may find it to be a little short and/or tight.

The Nurse Nikki program offers reasonable graphics, several models to choose from and 24 different sex acts to participate in; all are supported and controlled by the stroker.  The game does offer some bondage features as well which are a nice touch.

The real power of the Virtual Sex Stroker becomes apparent when you use it with a best in class simulation such as 3D SexVilla 2 or Hentai 3D 2 sex games.  These applications are excellent on their own but really come to life when you can control the thrusting, by... really thrusting! Virtual Sex Stroker - Screen Shot  


Set up was pretty easy, and the product does what is says it can do.  Cyberskin makes the product feel fantastic and it works with 3rd party applications from thriXXX,. 


The free Nurse Nicci program offered is of average quality and the device is a little unwieldy to use.  The product may be a little small for the extremely well hung.

The Skinny:

The Virtual Sex Stroker is the best interactive sex toy on the market, but there aren't many to choose from so that's not saying much.  The product does feel great, and works with a variety of 3rd party programs which I highly recommend over the free software offered with the device.  The Stroker may be somewhat challenging to use but it does put you right into the action.  The device may be a little small for the very gifted. 

Cost: US$140.99 , sale price US$102.09 

Maker: Topco

Link: CD Universe

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Review - Virtual Sex Stroker
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Stroker Problems

Hmm, I didn't have any trouble with mine when I performed the product evaluation.

You might try the Interactive Fleshlight, which is similar. I hope to get one to review within the next month or so; check back for the results.


The VSS downloaded easy - too easy - there was a problem because the Flash Version on the CD was earlier than on my PC - tried to correct without success. Contacted Citouch who acknowledged there was a problem with macromedia and promised a replacement CD with corrections. Despite emails to and fro with one excuse following another I am still waiting - over one month on ! That is crap service - bad marks Citouch - Anyone reading this take note


VSS probelm

Can you believe - still waiting for the replacement -citouch are taking the mick

fuckin ctouch i buy one

fuckin ctouch i buy one virtual sex stroker 2 weeks ago and im still waiting i dont have it

Just got mine!

My Stroker just got here today. Can't wait to hook it up with SexVilla 2!

I already tried it on my cock without the game as was able to squeeze out a load in a few minutes ;-)

review | by Dr. Radut