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Review - Virtual Sex With Tera Patrick

Product Category: Interactive Adult DVDs

Platform: DVD Player Virtual Sex with Terra Patrick - Facial

Company Line:

Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick is the only true interactive sex title for your DVD Video Player or DVD-Rom drive. Now as never before, experience all the lust and desire of having sex with one of the most beautiful women in the world who happens to be a Penthouse Pet, Tera Patrick. Interact with her using your DVD Remote! You choose the sexual positions! You choose the camera angles! You choose her moods between innocent and nasty! You ask her to strip naked for you! You ask her to tell you her wildest sex stories! Enter Tera's world where FantaVR allows you to control this gorgeous sexual animal and enjoy her countless times. The Virtual Sex Series has redefined interactive sex. Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick is the most advanced cyber sex simulator on DVD!

 Virtual Sex with Terra Patrick - Dildo


Competing against Digital Sin's "Interactive Sex" series, here's Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick from Digital Playground.

As has become the norm with Interactive Adult DVDs this one is no exception when it comes to high quality.  Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick comes with high production values including dolby surround sound 5.1, multiple camera angle selection, and innocent and naughty modes.

Once again you'll find video segments broken down into sub-menu items, strip, stories, foreplay, and sex.

The "strip" menu offers no sub items; you essentially get three minutes of Terra Patrick sliding out of her skin tight leopard print dress and playing with her voluptous tits and ass while verbally seducing you.

Likewise the "stories" menu has just one scene.  Tera talks about her first sexual experience, and a hot fantasy involving her and a whole team of firemen.  Furthermore she disscusses her love for men that can be both dominant and submissive.  The scene is only about  a minute long.

Once past the filler you can move onto foreplay.  Here you can finger Tera's pussy or penetrate her with a nice soft red rubber dildo.  Alternatively you can give her cunnilingus by clicking the "oral" button.  All foreplay scenes are available in multiple angles, in innocent and naughty modes, and each comes complete with an orgasm.  The sultry starlett is very convincing when getting off.  Unfortunately, like in other Interactive Adult DVDs, you can't actually see your virtual tongue when giving her oral, but then I'm not sure how you could actually shoot that from the POV angle anyway?

 Virtual Sex with Terra Patrick - Intercourse

Last but not least, is the "sex" menu, where all the real action happens.  Each scene has mutliple camera angels, innocent and naughty modes, and an "orgasm."  I put the word orgasm in quotes because commonly these Interactive Adult DVDs fake the cum shots in one of two ways.  Either (a) the cum shot is rendered graphically in editing, which looks awful, or (b) fake semen is shot though a tube held behind the actor's penis.  The good news is you do get at least two legitimate cumshots.

Unfortunately there are only four positions offered for sex, missionary, doggie, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl.  There is also one blow job scene available.  It appears that there is a real facial at the end of the fellatio scene, and also a legitimate orgasm at the end of missionary.  The other scenes appear faked, but at least with the tube method which looks somewhat convincing. 

This video, which is already fairly low on content, is completely devoid of special features, unless you count "stories" as extra content?

Virtual Sex with Terra Patrick - Cum Shot


Tera Patrick under your control, 'nuff said.  At least a few real ejaculation scenes, and the more convincing looking semen in the tube simulation method.  Very good production quality 


Not much regular content, and no bonus content at all.  Majority of cum shots are simulated. 

The Skinny:

Tera Patrick puts on a pretty good show in this Interactive Adult DVD.  Unfortunately the show is simply too short, and this DVD offers nothing special except for the star herself.  Overall video and sound quality is good, and all the regular features of the genre are available.   Big fans of Terra Patrick will love the title, but there are better Interactive Adult DVDs available for those that appreciate interactive content or POV style vids.

Cost: US$27.65

Maker: Digital Playground

Link: Virtual Sex with Tera Patrick

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Review - Virtual Sex With Tera Patrick
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