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Review - VirtualFem

Product Category: Live Action Sex Simulation

Platform: MS Windows

VirtualFem - Strip

Company Line:

VirtualFem™ lets you interact with a very cute girl, and tell her what to do. A Virtual Girlfriend who lives inside your computer; she will do anything you ask, understands plain English, and speaks to you out loud! Clever usage of high-quality full-motion video makes VirtualFems come to life! 


VirtualFem is a unique live action sex game that uses voice recognition and recorded video clips to simulate interaction with the models.  You can simply say what you want, or optionally type what you want, and the girls will quickly respond in full glorious A/V.

The downloadable application runs on your Windows PC and doesn't require any connection to the internet once initial set up is complete.  The software was recently upgrade to support HD quality video.  There are currently about a dozen HD quality models and 70 in normal resolution to choose from.  A new HD model is added every month.  To continue to obtain the new girls after the intial purchase you will need to pay for a membership.  The girls range from average looking, girl next door types, to smoking hot sluts you wouldn't bring home to mom.

Each VirtualFem lady comes with a unique set of responses and activities she is willing to participate in.  Additional responses can be programmed in advanced settings, e.g. you type or say "What do you think of my cock" and preset her response to be "MY GOD, it's HUGE!!!"  The voice feedback system is computer generated so the girls can say and respond to virtually anything you want.  Of course, just because you get a girl to say she "wants it up the ass" doesn't mean there is video to go with the request.  Not to worry though, there are already 150,000 responses programmed in out of the box.  I did find that, as expected, some voice commands were completely ignored, or misinterpreted.  VirtualFem uses the built in Microsoft tools for voice recognition, which aren't great.  You can purchase other own voice recognition software which greatly enhances the experience.  Besides coming with specific sex acts, some of the girls allow you to change locations; all are shot from POV (first person point of view angle).

VirtualFem - Tit Fuck

Technically the video is of excellent quality (HD models) and plays well in full-screen, and sound is excellent.  You can see a sample video here.  Because you are watching actual girls in action the result is certainly more "real looking" than any 3D rendering available in software.  On the downside the scenes are played like scenes so there isn't a seemless transition between foreplay and sex.

The girls do a variety of things for you including simple chit chat, stripping, and full on sex including oral, intercourse, and some other fun stuff.  The action is quite similar to that found in Interactive DVDs such as the "My Plaything" collection, although with less professional actresses.

There are bonuses aplenty in VirtualFem.  First, you can have the girls read you the weather or RSS feeds, or playback a MP3 from your collection by calling out the name of the song.  You also get photo packs of several of the models when you order the product.  Lastly, you can integrate your own video clips into the product to create your own virtual playmate.  With all the free porn you can download on the web the product is infinitely expandable.  Want to virtually bang Jenna Jameson... no problem!

VirtualFem - Doggy


  • Unique interactive video experience
  • Voice activated command system
  • Many models and actions to choose from
  • Programmable responses.   


  • Some bugs in voice command system
  • Mostly average looking models
  • Nature of product doesn't allow for seemless action sequences

VirtualFem - Facial

The Skinny:

VirtualFem is a great live action sex game at a reasonable price.  It's an ideal product for guys that love the interactive DVD genre and would like some more control over the action.  The product has some minor bugs in the voice command system.  Overall this product offers great value for the small investment.

Demo: None

Cost: US$29.95, US$49/3 months or US$99/year for updates

Maker: VirtualFem

Link: VirtualFem

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Review - VirtualFem
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