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Review - Virtually Jenna

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows

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Company Line:

Virtually Jenna is your dream come true, the chance to have the hottest woman ever do what you want. You'll make this happen by using this simple software where you can choose what you want her to do, what poses, scenarios, lightning, and camera positions... YOUR WICKEDEST FANTASIES ARE THE ONLY LIMIT!

Hurry up, this is what you always wanted, once you join Virtually Jenna, you'll never want anything else. Period. Everything evolves. Virtually Jenna is the best fucking game ever! The official PC game of Jenna Jameson includes threesomes, lesbians, toys, realistic environments, lingerie, sexy outfits, and much more!


Virtually Jenna is a customized and relabelled version of 3D Sexvilla produced by Thrixxx exclusively for xTream3D Multimedia.

Already one of the best 3d sex games available, the product is even further enhanced by featuring the top star in the porn industry.  This sex game is simply outstanding!

Jenna Jameson's 3D character is beautifully crafted for the game.  You can select her usual blond dye job or give her a more natural brunette look.  Jenna's face and body and faithfully portrayed in the game and includes fine details such as her navel piercing and "Heart Breaker" tattoo.

If you get tired of playing with Jenna the game also features virtual sex with her friends Ashton Moore and Jess Capeli.  If that's not enough you can still select from the original cast of characters from SexVilla.

Other than that this game is identical to SexVilla; all the locations, controls, and features are available including the possibility of playing with two Jenna's at the same time.

For more details on game features see our original full review of SexVilla.

Virtually Jenna - Face Shot


  • All the features of SexVilla
  • Virtually rendered version of the hottest girl on the planet


  • Male characters do not ejaculate in the game
  • Demo is of poor quality

 Virtually Jenna - Strap On

The Skinny:

Virtually Jenna is simply fantastic.  Where else can you see Jenna Jameson take it up the butt; too bad it's only a game. The membership for this 3d sex game is pricey but worth it.  Simply put, Thrixxx has taken their already best in breed product and made it even better by integrating the incredibly sexy Jenna Jameson.

Demo: None

Cost: US$19.95/month, US$9.95/3-day trial

Maker: xTream3D Multimedia under license from Thrixxx

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Review - Virtually Jenna
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