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Review - VSex

Product Category: Interactive Sex Toys

Platform: Browser

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Company Line:

Live! Virtual! Fucking! You Control Everything! VSex is a unique live video chat site where you can have interactive sex with our performers. All you need to do this is a keyboard, mouse and an internet connection.


VSex is a live sex chat service with thousands of models.  For the most part the performers are female but we did see a few male performers and one couple during our product evaluation. VSex is a a basic site in this category but does offer two major features, firstly remote control toys for number of their models and secondly, they have a nubmer of well known porn stars in their lineup. Recently Samantha Saint, Mason Moore and Samantha Sin have been offering shows on VSex. Have you ever wanted to virtually fuck a porn star? Here's your chance!

While dozens of models have the remote control dildonics machines there are typically only a few online in our experience. This should change soon as VSex has started rolling out a dildonics machine that can be used at home by the models.

The remote control toy, or dildonics machine, can be controlled in one of two ways.  First you can use your mouse to control the depth and speed of thrusting, the angle of penetration, vibration speed, and twisting action (up to a startling 300 rpm). If your wrist gets tired you can put he machine on autopilot. Second, if you prefer (adn we do) you can replace your mouse control with an Interactive Fleshlight or VStroker and literally fuck a girl thrust for thrust for the ultimate in virtual sex. VSex Two GirlsWhile many of the models are of average quality we did find rather high number of extremely beautiful top model types at VSex. Every girl has their own page with demographics. Previously recorded shows are listed below each model's bio along with show comments from previous viewers.

Unfortunately VSex doesn't offer full screen display though the video quality is excellent for the performers we checked out, and we checked out many. The video window is displayed center screen with a simple html style chat box and basic controls... frankly this is really all you need. To the right of the video window are the controls for the dildonics machine for cam performers that are so equipped. The model's bio is displayed right below the video, i.e. scroll down, which is handy if you're debating whether to take the model into a private show. Below that there is a big old ugly banner for porn which we think shouldn't exist for paying members. While there are a few short comings to the live sex chat components it won't matter much once you take control of a remote control toy for the first time.

Remote control toy shows cost between $6-8/minute and are worth every penny, trust us. VSex also offers free chat, private chat for about $4/minute, and nude or voyeur chat for about $2.50/minute. VSex offers an optional premium monthly membership for $15 that has quite a few perks, most notably free access to your recorded shows. While VSex charges a little more than some other services the elite models they offer make it well worth the price.


  • Amazing unique interactive (it's really like fucking a live girl) sex experience
  • Highly skilled and beautiful performers
  • Many bonafide porn star appearances


  • Lacking many features of the big sites

The Skinny:

VSex doesn't have a lot of fancy features and a relatively small number of performers. What they do have is remote control toys that allow you to virtually fuck a model in real time as if you're right there in person. Fees for this innovative technology aren't cheap but worth what you pay. The other thing VSex has going for it is in our estimation the hottest performers around. Add to that regular appearances by big name porn stars and VSex is indisputably one of the best live sex services around.

Cost: US$6-8/minute for private dildonics show, less for other shows

Maker: VSex

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Review - VSex
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