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Review - Xaya3D Screensavers

Product Category: Virtual Strippers

Platform: MS Windows

Xaya3D - Strip Dancing Girl

Company Line:

Xaya brings you animated 3D erotic screensavers: Candice, strip dancing girl, sleeping girl, and magical blossom fairy.


This series of screensavers from Xaya feature fully rendered erotic imagery fashioned in the fantasy genre.

First there's "Candice," the sexy mascot of Stormbringer.  Second there's "Strip Dance," featuring a hot scantilly clad pole dancer.  Third in the line up is "Sleeping Girl," which offers a peep at a naked girl stretching slowly on your desk-top.  Finally, there's "Blossom Fairy," a hot little nymph that plays in the garden.

All four of the screensavers are drawn beautifully, and most cleverley integrate the desk-top into the background.  Unlike the other 3 products "Candice" is adware based, and was at one time free.  That product in particular displays ads in what Xaya calls the "demo cube."  The ads aren't terribly obtrusive and the links are for pretty good sites from what I saw.  The other three products are ad free, and all four can be purchased on-line. 

Xaya3D - Strip Dancing Girl

None of the products offer any hardcore action, and in fact, most don't even show full nudity.  Still, the girls look very sensual and the scenes are erotic.  While the scenes are beautifully animated, the moves are very basic, and very repetitive.  The screensavers lack variety, which should be considered in the future.

Installation was a snap for each program, and putting shortcuts on the desk-top are optional, which is nice if you have to share your computer with other people on occasion.  There are not custom settings for the screensavers so what you see is what you get.

The price for each screensaver is very reasonable at $5 each, and also a discounted product bundle is offered from Xaya.  All 4 products can be downloaded as a package for $10.

Xaya3D - Strip Dancing Girl


  • Very high quality illustrations
  • Beautiful girls
  • Easy installation and setup.


  • Little variance of animations
  • Some ads in the "Candice" product

The Skinny:

The girls in the screensavers look fantastic, but pretty much perform the save 2-3 poses over and over again.  The screensavers install and run easily, and can be purchased in a bundle.  The products are a great value for the low price, especially if offered as a package deal.

Demo: None available 

Cost: US$5 each, US$10 for all 4

Maker: Xaya,s.r.o.

Link: Xaya 3D

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Review - Xaya3D Screensavers
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lower prices & discount bundle edition

hi there!

the prices are only $5USD for a screensaver and there is also a discount bundle edition for you.

btw if you like the screensaver girls, have a look at our new sexy desktop dancers (check our site).

..have a nice day!

review | by Dr. Radut