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Review - ZoomTang

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows

ZoomTang Screen Shot - Oral Company Line: N/A


ZoomTang is a close up and personal sex simulation (3D sex game).  Among the many available positions your vantage point is always an extreme close-up reminiscent of the gonzo porn genre.  You may choose multiple positions for intercourse, or pick fingering, titty-fuck, oral, and anal for some variety.  The product does offer the ability to zoom in/out in and out with what amounts to a toggle switch but you can't to rotate the angle in any direction.  The graphics are excellent and the model is quite hot looking, no choice of girls here although you can choose blonde or brunette hair color and eye color.  The action is controlled manually with the mouse for the old in and out, or can be set to automatic if you need to have both hands free; the extra one presumably to hold your drink?

There are a variety of weapons to choose from, penis, a few dildos, and my favorite, the banana.  If you're not satisified with your size you can click on your instrument to increase its size several times.  If you're a big breast man, not to worry you can enlarge those on the fly as well.  Lastly, the grand finale, the cum shot on demand is well simulated.

ZoomTang Screen Shot - Missionary 


  • Nice price and installs in moments as a one simple executable file (exe) making it easy to hide from prying eyes
  • The graphics are of high quality and the action is smooth
  • Easy to use GUI (graphical user interface).


  • Absolutely no sound provided
  • No ability to rotate the view
  • Only one model offered

 ZoomTang Screen Shot - Doggy Banana

The Skinny:

ZoomTang is entertaining and well worth the very modest price tag.  The product is good for those that need to keep installation discrete.  The virtual sex game offers a lot of functionality and excellent graphics.  It would be good to see more camera angles, a variety of models to choose from, and at least some sound effects. The product is still in Beta so perhaps some of these features will be added in the near future.  It's definately worth checking out this 3D sex game

Demo: Limited variety of sex acts and other features

Cost: US$9.95

Maker: Solark, LLC

Link: No Longer Available

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Review - ZoomTang
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You cant be more right.

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