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The Virtual Sex Review Newsletter - Q110

Here we are in 2010, it has been over 6 months since our last newsletter but we have been very busy behind the scenes.

New Site Launch

Sex Games Report

After a ton of work we are proud to announce our new site, Sex Games Report is now live!

Sex Games Report will focus on adult game industry news while The Virtual Sex Review will continue to bring you full product reviews.

New Product Reviews

Since our last newsletter we have reviewed a plethora of new sex products.

Top Sex Game

Our top new sex game of 2009 is Nemo's Whores.  Here's what they have to say...

Nemo`s Whores is a 3D interactive virtual sex sim that runs on your Windows PC.

Nemo's Whores Bottle

Learn about incredible sexual deeds of Captain Nemo and get acquainted with his mistresses. The action takes place on "Nautilus" - the famous captain's submarine that has many mysteries and secrets. "Plunge" into the atmosphere of "Nautilus" and take part in the scenes of wild sex on-line. Roaming about the submarine you can step up to any girl and have a good time with her. A wide choice of sex positions are available for you, the positions are unique for every character. So what are you waiting for? Buy it NOW - and go forward to the new adventures! 

Top Sex Toy

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FREE 3D Babes and their Toys!!!
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RedLightCenter 160 x 600 HC Flash

RedLightCenter 160 x 600 HC Flash Ad

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The Virtual Sex Review Newsletter - Q412

Sex Games Report and The Virtual Sex Review Present Interactive Sex Games Market Report Infographic

Check out our press release below for the launch of this cool new infographic we've put together...

TORONTO, ON - December, 22 2012 - Sex Games Report in conjunction with The Virtual Sex Review announced the presentation of the world's first market report infographic for the interactive sex games market.

The report was compiled from well respected sources including Quantcast, Compete, Alexa, Wikipedia, Thrixxx Games and Top Ten Reviews. The report and infographic also includes data collected from over 5 years of survey's conducted by The Virtual Sex Review. "This is the first time anybody has produced a market report for the interactive sex games niche market," said Ed, Managing Director for Sex Games Report. "We feel that the industry is poised for tremendous growth over the next few years with a trio of big players now leading the way." Ed indicated that Thrixxx Games, Red Light Center and D-Dub have seen excellent market saturation a trend that they expect to continue. He added that some exciting new technologies are on the way that will be game changers in the market segment. Sex Games Report chose an infographic to deliver the report because infographics have wide audience appeal and convey data better than any other form of media.

The infographic covers interactive sex games demographics, competitive market share, segmentation and technology. In addition the infographic details some interesting user insights and is a good read for anybody interested in sex or games. The infographic is available at Sex Games Report and The Virtual Sex Review

Sex Games Report is a media company established in 2010 that reports news for interactive sex games and related products. The Virtual Sex Review is a media company established in 2007 that writes reviews for adult games, interactive adult products and sex toys. 

Boxing Week Deals

RealTouch is offering a fantastic deal on their interactive sex toy package.  For just $199.95 (that's $130 off the regular price of $329.95) you'll get the regular RealTouch package with 120 VOD minutes, tons of DVD videos, all the accessories, plus as a holiday bonus 2 free RealTouch DVDs and an introductory date through the RealTouch Interacive web cam service.  This outstanding offer won't last long, click here to get yours now.

New Products

Sex Game Devil just sent us a press release today announcing the launch of their new MMO sex game called 3DXChat. Here's what they had to say:

3DXChat is the web's newest downloadable interactive game strictly made for adults who want to connect and experience a unique sensual experience in the virtual 3D world of gaming. Looking For 3D Virtual Sex? Hot virtual sex with a real partner! Join the 3DXChat community with the 3DXChat client, chat, date and enjoy lifelike 3D sex. The limits are defined by your imagination.

As soon as we have a chance we'll evaluate the exciting new game and post a review.  You can access the game immediately through Sex Game Devil's subscription sersvice - More game info here.

Recent Reviews

We finally got our hands on the VStroker wireless and got to try out the RealTouch Interactive web cam service.  Below you'll find a summary for each and you can click through for our full reviews.

VStroker Wireless Review

VStroker Home Page

Excerpt from our review:

The new VStroker is a very well designed and implemented product that works flawlessly. Since the VStroker works with virtually all FleshLight sleeves you have a veritable bevy of different entries and textures to choose from.

VStroker content is a little limited on quantity but that will improve over time. What is offered is all shot in HD, much of it in 3D and features some of the top stars in the adult industry. In addition you can control top games like RedLightCenter and 3D SexVilla with your VStroker and soon web cam services will be offered.

All the hype about the VStroker is true. We highly recommend this product whether or not you already have a FleshLight. The VStroker starts at just $69.95 if you already have your own Fleshlight.  Packages including a Fleshlight are just $129.95 - Full VStroker Review.

RealTouch Interactive Review

RealTouch Interactive Models Screen

Excerpt from our review:

RealTouch Interactive takes the RealTouch to the next level with the closest thing to real one on one sex we've seen and felt yet. The cam girls are hot, deliver great service and do just about anything you want.

The RealTouch Joystik is perfectly synced with the RealTouch and makes it feel as though you're right there stroke for stroke.

The RealTouch does require a fair amount of setup and cleanup but frankly it is well worth it. The RealTouch comes with 120 minutes of video, 10 interactive DVDs and everything else you need to get started - Full RealTouch Interactive Review.

Upcoming From The Virtual Sex Review

There are many new product launches planned for 2013.  First up is 3D GoGo 2 from Thrixxx.  We're expecting a major breakthrough with this product that will use the same game engine and animation quality that will power the upcoming 3D SexVilla 3 release.  We are told that product release is imminent.

Speaking of 3D SexVilla 3, yes we are all anxiously awaiting what we expect will be a blockbuster.  This is most certainly happening in 2013 but don't expect anything in the first quarter.  As we've reported before the major upgrade will bring dramatically enhanced animation and graphics quality and a fantastic new game mode that we are not allowed to disclose.

DreamStripper Perfect 10 has announced that they are now accepting preorders for the latest version of their popular stripper product.  We don't have much information yet but you can bet we will shortly.

Finally there is the intruiging live action interactive sex game from Kingdom Crafting.  While we're not enthusiastic about the name "Save the World Or Not" we are wildly excited about the game itself.  

Alleta Ocean in Save the World Or Not

From what we've seen this game will have extremely high production values and great interactive sex playability.  The most splashy news, is of course, that Aletta Ocean, Angel Dark, Mia, Carla Cox and Stracy Stone will all be featured in the game.

We will be reporting on all these developing stories over at and will have game reviews at launch time for all three exciting products on

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Thanks for your support! - Lola

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