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Video Review - BoneCraft

Product Category: Adult Games

Platform: MS Windows

Link: BoneCraft


Hello and welcome to The Virtual Sex Review. Today we’ll be having a fresh look at BoneCraft, a 3D Sex Adventure game from D-Dub.

BoneCraft is a cartoonish spoof laden romp with the apt tag line “somewhere, in some galaxy, hot Elf chicks await!” The premise for the game is pretty simple; as Captain Fort Worth you and your space marines must kill as many orcs and fuck as many non-human babes as possible.

The game includes many longish cut scenes that more often than not made us smile.  Thankfully if you just want to get into the action you can skip most of them.

The sex game starts with a nonsensical tutorial that teaches you the basics of fighting and fucking. In essence you’ll be putting a whipping (killing) your own crew. In this scene you will learn how to fist fight, use hand to hand combat weapons, ranged weapons and special attacks. While controls are not as fleshed out as in many mainstream fighters they are workable.

Before getting the hang of things you will often mess up the timing of strikes or get stuck with a bad camera angle. To make matters worse it is rather easy to get overwhelmed by the multitude of buttons for movement, your jet-pack (fart-pack), blocking, shields, hand to hand combat, multiple ranged weapons, grenades, “balls” attack, troop commands, power ups and so on. Two proven strategies that worked for us on most occasions were (a) button mashing and (b) standing back and using 1 or 2 ranged weapons.

As you win booty in the game you will be able to buy and equip new upgraded weapons such as the bowie knife, machine gun, shot-gun, flame thrower and different types of grenades. Alternatively you can “borrow” weapons from your fallen enemies.

Combat is set up as a successive series of rounds that get progressively more difficult as you go. Killing is straight forward but to make things a little more challenging you’ll find that you must also protect your fem-bot from being raped by the enemy minions. Each time she gets defiled you’ll have to face a new wave of enemies. The best strategy is to stay close to her and use your own soldiers to protect or attack selected foes.

As you lay the beat down the dead will cough up supplies including health, cash, gas and ammo.  Pick up the goodies to replenish your inventory and use the cash to upgrade between scenes.

Your crew is an eclectic mix of famous characters that feature spot on voice acting.  Some of our favorites include Scotty, Rocky, Dirty Harry, Macho Man and George Bush. This really adds a different dimension to a game that is otherwise mostly a rinse and repeat fighting game.

The other big differentiator in BoneCraft is, of course, the hardcore sex. Having sex helps build up your stamina and other characteristics. Unlike fighting, having sex is very straight forward and requires only that you sync up two meters using slider controls. At the end of each battle you can engage in relations with your sex-bot, an Elf, Orc or even multiple female characters at once.

During each sex scene you can simply sit back and watch or mix things up by changing the sex act (tab button) between oral, vaginal and anal sex. Additional sex positions can be purchased with your ill-gotten gains and controls are rounded out with “dirty talk” and “ass smacking.”

If you’re more of a lover than a fighter you can skip the main campaign altogether and select “Fantasy” from the main menu for a steady diet of hardcore sex with different babes.

Graphics and animation are top notch and providing you enjoy the cartoonish style of things you will really love this game. Likewise sound effects and music are high quality but best of all the voice acting is superb!

This game will push the limits of older machines, particularly at hi-res; it is worth checking out the required and recommended system specs on the FAQ page before ordering. BoneCraft is available for a one time purchase of $34.99 or you can buy it bundled with D-Dub’s original 3D Sex Game BoneTown for just $59.99.

Here are our pros and cons…


  • Great fun to play gaming action
  • High quality and heavily stylized graphics and animation
  • Spot on voice acting
  • Hilarious spoof content
  • Hot hardcore sex scenes
  • No recurring fees


  • Overly complicated controls
  • Won’t run on low end machines

BoneCraft is the de facto standard in interactive sex adventure games. With excellent graphics, animation and superb voice action the game nicely balances fighting, fucking and humor for a very fun play. The controls are a little cumbersome but become manageable after an hour or so of play time. The game does require a higher end machine to run smoothly but assuming you are equipped this is a must have.

At just $34.99 the adult game is a steal and is not to be missed. We give BoneCraft a great score of 8.8 out of 10.

That’s it from us at The Virtual Sex Review.  Thanks for watching and see you next time!

Cost: US$34.99

Maker: A WDC Software Co, D-Dub 

Link: BoneCraft

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Video Review - BoneCraft
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