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Video Review - iStripper

Product Category: Strip Games

Platform: MS Windows / Apple MAC

Link: iStripper


Today The Virtual Sex Review is having a look at iStripper, the latest offering from Totem Core. You may not be familiar with the Totem Core brand, but probably know their flagship product, Virtuagirl.

iStripper represents the next step in the evolution of desktop stripper entertainment. The rebranded product offers higher resolution, a host of new features, and an integration of soft-core and hard-core content from Virtuagirl (solo) and Deskbabe (girl on girl) libraries.

The girls, as in the previous versions are absolute stunners! They will dance, tease, take off all their clothes, and many will finger themselves, play with toys, and even open their holes for your viewing pleasure. One girl, not enough, check out some of the super-hot lesbian shows with full penetration. Our personal favorite performers are Belle Claire, Katya Clover, and Alexa Thomas.

iStripper is offered as a free download and comes with over a thousand non-nude shows out of the box. Download, installation, and product launch are a snap. The main screen is intuitive, beautifully designed, and easy to navigate. A breakdown of the controls and features will follow our overall assessment. 

iStripper Duo Lesbos

Like Virtuagirl HD and Virtuagirl before it, iStripper offers best in class real ladies stripping on your desktop. There is simply no other product like it. The new UHD 4K resolution offers incredible realism and the new interface is a nice improvement over the previous edition.

We really like the carousel style control for quick downloads coupled with the enhanced card search functionality to really get what you’re after.

The product offers the full back catalogue of strippers from Virtuagirl HD and Deskbabes. For those that don’t know, Virtuagirl offered individual strippers while Deskbabes offered girl on girl shows complete with sound. Note that currently, about half (close to 600 shows) are being offered in UHD while the rest are only available in 1080p.

Like the previous products, you can dial up the action from non-nude all the way to XXX with several steps in-between. XXX shows include a range of masturbation, toys, and girl on girl including full vaginal and anal penetration. 

All full shows are 25-credits each and once downloaded are yours forever. Buying 5-credits at a time will cost you $4.99 but you can cut your cost per show in half by buying 500-credits. That works out to 20 full shows for just $49.99. Importantly, if you already have credits for VirtuaGirl HD or Deskbabes, you can use them for iStripper.

The “Featured” boot up menu brings up a sub-menu that lets you sort shows by various interests: popular, costumes, busty, blondes, brunettes, redheads, and XXX. Selecting a tab brings up a display of 10 girls/shows at a time you can literally “spin” through.

Once highlighted you can, at a click, view full show details, download the free (non-nude) show, or buy the full nude show.
The Featured menu also provides a news tab for product update info.

The “Girls Store” menu is an online shop for shows. Virtuagirl fans will recognize the familiar player card layout. Each card provides the performer’s name, show name, waist-up glamor shot, and community rating. iStripper provides numerous ways to sort and search for what you like. A sort menu facilitates ordering by performer’s name, rating, card number, and date in ascending or descending order.

A search box, let’s you search by name or card number. A slider control lets you zoom in/out to display larger or smaller cards. And a huge range of filters are provided including; collections (nude or XXX), quality (resolution), release date, hair color, ethnicity, and category. Category alone contains over 40 “tag” options like anal, latex, naked feet, pornstar, piercing, cage, student, and big boobs.

The “My Collection” menu displays cards that you’ve already downloaded or purchased. All filters and search tools from the “Girls Store” menu are also provided in this display.

In the center of the menu is your user profile. The profile displays how many credits you currently hold, and your iStripper ID number. Clicking here brings up your editable user profile where you can also engage in chats with other users or buy more credits.

3DXChat Facial Cum Shot

Next to the user profile are quick access buttons for various settings. The computer monitor button brings up the full shows menu. Full shows turns on full-screen mode; girls will dance in front of various backdrops like the strip club, the beach, or psychedelic animations. The musical notes button brings up your music playlist. Any mp3 files can be imported into your music playlist.

The cog button, not surprisingly, brings up various system settings. Here you can fine tune display settings like the size of animations, maximum number of girls to show on screen, show duration, time between shows, etc. Settings are also available to control background music & sound, “levels of eroticism,” context menu options, download resolution, and more.

The “i” menu item brings up general game info, access to the user manual, troubleshooting, and technical support options. And, the “downloads” menu lets you remove downloaded content.
A simple on/off button makes stopping the action, like if your wife walks into the room, a snap. And, basic window max/min/close controls round out the menu options.

Quick access playlist and play history toolboxes are available across all tabs. Playlists can be fully customized, saved, randomized, and set to repeat. Play history allows you to easily go back and find previously enjoyed shows.

iStripper Pros:

  • Gorgeous performers
  • Ultra-high resolution and video quality
  • Range of shows from non-nude to XXX
  • Robust easy to use interface
  • Easy to understand pricing

iStripper Cons:

  • Not revolutionary compared to previous product
  • Only half the catalog is currently UHD 4K thus far

iStripper provides significant enhancements over previous versions.

With higher resolution video, an easier to use interface, and options from non-nude to XXX shows this product is a big step up over Virtuagirl HD and Deskbabes. But at its core, iStripper is an evolutionary and not revolutionary product.

iStripper, like the versions before it, simply offers beautiful babes showing their wares for your viewing pleasure… and what a pleasure it is!

If you’ve never tried VirtualGirl this is definitely worth a free download. If you’re a VirtualGirl fan then this is an absolute must-have upgrade. We score iStripper an almost perfect 9.3 out of 10.

Thanks for watching, come back soon for more reviews.

Free Version: Yes

Cost: US$2-5/Nude Show

Maker: Totem Core

Link: iStripper

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Video Review - iStripper
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