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Video Review - KIIROo

Product Category: Interactive Sex Games

Platform: MS Windows / Apple MAC

Link: KIIROo


Hello and welcome to The Virtual Sex Review’s product test of KIIROo interactive sex toys for couples.

First, let’s clarify whom KIIROo is designed for. KIIROo comes in his (Onyx) and hers (Pearl) toys that can be used separately as a stand-alone masturbator or vibrator, respectively. The toys can also be linked remotely via internet wherein the output of each toy works as an input to its counterpart. This means couples (MF, MM, FF) can enjoy safe remote virtual sex together. But, if you’re a single male, don’t worry, there are options for you too. The Onyx can be synced with specially encoded porn or you can find a KIIROo equipped web-cam performer to play with. Keep listening and I’ll explain how everything works.

Onyx For Him

Onyx is a beautifully designed battery powered Bluetooth enabled masturbator. At this point, it is worth pointing out that this device is different from the V-Stroker. The V-Stroker (equipped Fleshlight) is only an input device that can track the manual movement of the device. The Onyx, on the other hand, accepts input, and also strokes automatically.

Onyx comes in nice packaging, and when you discard the thin outer box can be stored in a plain nondescript black box with a cool magnetic seal… far less obvious than a Fleshlight when your friends or family poke around in your closet. The device looks and feels sleek and modern compared with the last attempt at a virtual masturbator (stroker), the now defunct RealTouch. Whereas the RealTouch used moving belts, powerful motors, a USB connection, and plugin power, Onyx uses a lightweight approach completely free from wires.

This design has advantages and disadvantages. Being light, small, and wire-free makes the device easy to set up, clean up, and wield. But, it also makes the device much less powerful than it could/should be. While the RealTouch adjusts from soft as a kitten to death grip, KIIROo has a one size (grip) fits all approach.

Inside the monolithic machine are 10 independently contracting rings that do the work of pleasing your love muscle. The removable sleeve is made from Fleshlight’s patented “Superskin” material and feels amazingly close to the real thing… and it’s studded for your pleasure.

Onyx can be controlled with the built in touch-pad, which can also control a remote Onyx or Pearl, or by software which we’ll cover later.

KIIROO Onyx on Sale for $99

Pearl For Her

Pearl, like the Onyx, is a high-quality battery powered device that was thoughtfully designed. The banana shaped “rumbly” vibrator is a good size (average penis size) for insertion and G-spot stimulation, while the tip can be used for clitoral stimulation. Pearl is made from a premium grade silicone and has just enough give to be firm and yet supple. Just like the Onyx, the device can be used stand-alone with 5 different vibrating speeds/modes, or controlled remotely. Inside Pearl are 5 touch-sensitive haptic rings. While using the Pearl remotely, motions are captured and instantly replicated on a receiving Onyx. And you can control the vibration of the speed on the Pearl from a remote Onyx or another Pearl.

Pearl comes with a felt storage pouch and discreet box that matches that of the Onyx.

Getting Connected

Both devices connect to the internet, in essentially the same way. To start, plug the device into your computer USB port to charge it up… for us it took about 2 hours to initially charge the Pearl and 4 hours for the Onyx.

While you’re doing that you can sign-up for a free KIIROo account and register the device using the code provided, it was straight forward and quick. From there it is a matter of downloading the KIIROo desktop app, installing it, and then getting Bluetooth working.

Alright, so we ran into some trouble with the last part. We started up the KIIROo app and waited for a connection, and waited, and waited some more. Then we tried again, and again, and again. In the end, we had to manually pair to the sex toys in Windows. I’m confident this issue is rare, and perhaps because I had recently upgraded to Windows 10… KIIROo couldn’t have been tested with it yet.

Once we got Bluetooth working, we were good to go.


The KIIROo software is the same for both devices and works with PC and MAC. KIIROo offers apps for iOS and Android but we didn’t test those. With the Pearl connected you have options to either connect to somebody with an Onyx or invite somebody with another device to connect with you. In either case a secure PIN code is provided to facilitate the connection.

With the Onyx connected there are options to connect directly with a partner or to the “pleasure hub” content.

Pleasure Hub

Pleasure hub offers a range of content including webcam models, adult video, celeb stars, and virtual reality. Apparently KIIROo is working on health & fitness (really) and online dating channels. Existing content partners include Flicker TV, Feel Bobbie Eden, Feel Lisa Ann, Flirt4Free, YouMeCams, RedLightCenter, VirtualRealPorn, and Pornulus (coming soon).

While there are 2 sample videos over at Flicker TV, virtually all other content is pay to play.

Once you download an Onyx compatible video you can launch and play it in your browser. In the case of Flicker TV, once you’ve bought a video, you own it. While we didn’t test regular streaming content we expect it’ll work in pretty much the same way. Synchronization of the Onyx stroking action with video is bang on accurate.

How It Feels

Now we come to the crux of the matter. Just how real, or more importantly, good, does Onyx feel. The “Superskin” does feel great, as does the studded texture of the sleeve. While the stroking action mimics the video action fairly accurately I found the grip was pretty weak. In fairness, I may be desensitized as I’m a somewhat older guy and I have sex vigorously and frequently. That said, without an adjustable grip, many guys are going to feel things are too tight while others are going to feel things are too loose; we expect more of the latter.

I tried both videos and though the video content was excellent I failed to reach a happy ending. Next up I tried the device in manual mode. The touch-pad works extremely well and allows for pretty fast action if that’s your thing. As I was sitting there quickly sliding my finger up and down, I thought… hmm, why am I not just using my hand?

On the other hand, the Pearl performed wonderfully, delivering a multi-orgasmic experience for my partner. I looked around after she left and the Pearl was missing… hmm.

Virtual Sex With A Partner

And so we come to the primary application – using the Onyx with a real partner (Pearl). For this part of the review, I used a real sex partner rather than a web-cam performer. I know this partner gets me off pretty easily in real life so it was a very good test for “virtual sex.”

To invite or join a partner, you simply select the appropriate option and a code will be provided/requested. Enter the invite code and in a few seconds you’ll be connected.

Note: We won’t be showing you the video chat that ensued to ensure privacy

A beautiful full-screen video chat window launches replete with the usual controls to adjust/mute volume, temporarily turn off the camera and so on. The chat also includes a handy PIP of your own cam so you can get things pointing where they should… i.e. at your face/upper body or below the equator if you prefer.

Using the devices while in chat is pretty straight forward. During penetration the Pearl transmits motions in real-time, with almost no latency, directly to the Onyx. And if the Pearl is set to receive you can adjust the vibration speed from the touch sensor on the Onyx.

Our session was pretty hot and everything worked as advertised. The IM chat box was redundant and hard to use while your hands were otherwise busy; but some folks might prefer that over voice chat.

She got off a couple of times in the 30 minutes or so we spent playing.

Unfortunately, I once again didn’t make it to the Promised Land. The aforementioned “weak grip” just didn’t do it for me, but it might hit the sweet spot for many guys. Outside of this (perhaps personal) issue the experience was fun, intimate, and exciting… especially for her.

Truly, these devices work best when used together; and that can be with your own partner or a performer.



  • Beautifully designed well-engineered devices
  • Growing list of quality content; web cams, videos, etc.
  • Simple, easy to use software interface
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Great execution of virtual sex for couples
  • Reasonably priced hardware


  • Automatic Bluetooth connection doesn’t work
  • Confusing navigation of content – too many “coming soon” pages
  • Not enough bundled free content
  • Content is expensive in an era of practically free porn
  • Onyx may be underpowered for some men


KIIROo offers the best “virtual sex for couples” app yet. If you spend a lot of time away from your partner this may be just the ticket for you.

The devices are high quality and the video chat and device synchronization work very well. The Onyx under-performed in terms of “grip” for me though your mileage may vary. Conversely, the Pearl vibrator really delivered on the promise of orgasmic good times.

For single men, there are web-cam and video content options available but they are relatively expensive and there aren’t many cam performers or videos available at the moment.

KIIROo provided a firmware update in the middle of our review that enabled bi-directional control of the Pearl. This is a great new feature (included in the review) and is a strong indication that these devices will improve with time.

As for right now, we highly recommend the KIIROo for couples. If you’re a single man that enjoys web-cam models or has a Red Light Center account it is also worth a buy – we’re assuming more performers will be equipped with these soon. We don’t recommend KIIROo if you only plan to use it with adult video or if you require a strong grip to finish your business.

Overall we rate KIIROo a 7.0 out of 10.

Thanks for watching our video review for KIIROo, see you next time.

Score: 7.0 / 10

Cost: US$99 Onyx, US$149 Pearl + Content


Link: KIIROo

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