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Video Review - Life Selector

Product Category: Live Action Sex Simulation

Platform: Web Browser With Flash or HTML5 Support

Link: Life Selector


Hello and welcome from the Virtual Sex Review. Today we’ll be looking at Life Selector interactive sex site that lets you live out your wildest fantasies.

Here we have the home page for life selector and we’ll quickly just go ahead and click on shows so we can look at what’s available. You can see that there’s quite a huge range of different shows with various themes and essentially something to suit everybody.

One nice thing about Life Selector is they provide a whole range of tools to filter the type of content that you like as well as different views. Here’s the list view – we’ll go back to thumbs. There are different show types to choose from – there are full shows and quick shows.

You can order the listings by "top rated" or "recently added." In addition to that there are a range of categories from which you can select; for example if we select blowjob, facial and 18+ it will show us just those particular movies.

Let’s go ahead and remove these filters – we’ll leave on blowjob and we’ll check one of the models.  Here we can see Puma Swede is in fact featured in two films where she gives blowjobs. If we uncheck blowjobs it just so happens she gives blowjobs in both movies – but she only offers anal in this one.


Let’s get rid of these filters again… we’re going to go ahead and click through these movies and let’s pick Damsels in Distress. Ok so you can see they have a very nice splash screen here that gives a quick overview – and in a moment this screen will change.

We can see some additional scenes and of course pull up the cast and here are the various girls that are featured in the show. When you’re ready we press start game. There will be another splash screen that breaks down various highlights – we’ll click start.

In a moment we’ll get an introductory scene.

You can see that most of the movies are shot in the first person (POV style) that’s in high demand these days. This show looks like it’s going to be pretty good… there’s one guy and three girls plus the camera man. No word on whether he’ll get involved in the action but often does. Let’s go ahead and continue.

Apparently the camera man is the body guard, but enough of this scene, let’s skip ahead – there are buttons above for that. We’ll see what the next scene involves.

You can see from this scene that the production values are very high quality – it’s all shot in HD. Here we go, we’ve been offered a couple of options here and we’ve been asked to pay with some credits. Would you like to drink whisky without ice or a Vodka shot? Let’s go for whisky.

You can see that when one scene ends the next one starts seamlessly when they're linked together.  We’re just going to skip ahead a little bit here… Let’s skip this scene altogether.

You can see now here we have quite a range of options to choose from: blowjob doggy, missionary, cowgirl, ball sucking, deep-throat and gagging within this particular scene. We will choose deep-throat and within the blowjob scene we will see deep-throat action. Let’s skip ahead to see some doggy sex.

We can also do anal with gaping – it will cost 8 credits, we’ll go ahead and click on that. We’ll go back to blowjob here quickly.

That’s it, at the end of the show you can save and exit – and you can go back to the same spot later on if you wish.  That’s a wrap on Life Selector.  We were very impressed with the site, high production values, easy to navigate and great content – very competitively priced.  If you do like Life Selector please click through our link to the site so we get credit for it.

That’s it until next time from The Virtual Sex Review.

  • Very high quality production values
  • Top notch navigation and filtering tools
  • Large content library featuring top talent
  • Smooth well designed interactive sex user interface


  • Small glitch with time slider control

Cost: US$39.95/1,000 credits (about 20 full-length scenes)

Maker: Life Selector 

Link: Life Selector

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Video Review - Life Selector
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review | by Dr. Radut