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Video Review - Nemo's Whores

Product Category: 3D Sex Games

Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Link: Nemo's Whores


Hello and welcome to The Virtual Sex Review’s look at Nemo’s Whores, a 3D interactive sex game from Sex Game Devil.

In Nemo’s Whores you play the role of Captain Nemo and get to bang the crew of your submarine, mostly comprised of hot females with one shemale thrown into the mix to keep things interesting.

Nemo’s Whores features outstanding graphics, animation, sound effects and background music.

The game is dead simple to launch and offers four play areas to choose from.  Each scene comes preloaded with a different girl (blonde, brunette or redhead) with the exception of the pool area that includes a hot brunette and a blonde with a little something extra.

As much as we do like all the customization options available in some of the higher end 3d sex games it is refreshing to simply click and go.

New scenes launch with a short trailer featuring the model or models strutting their stuff.  Once in scene getting around is a simple point and click affair for the captain.  When you approach the models you will be offered a menu of sex acts to choose from… again we love simple!

Here’s where we can really see how beautifully the game is designed.  The rendering is perfect, sound effects are natural sounding and controls are completely intuitive.  On screen controls require a simple mouse click.  The camera can be adjusted easily with the mouse wheel to zoom in and out and right mouse button hold to rotate the camera around the action.  If you’d like to give up control of the camera you can hit the handy “play” button; all controls are cleared from the screen and all available scenes are cycled with multiple camera angles automatically.


Other on screen controls adjust thrusting speed and let you blast your load on command.

The adult game includes just about every common sex act available including fist fucking, cunnilingus, blowjobs, tit-fucking, intercourse and anal sex.  Furthermore each scene in Nemo’s Whores comes with unique and interesting sexual acts/positions such as a hot DP you and the shemale give to her friend, bottle fucking and more. 

Here’s a breakdown of our pros and cons for Nemo’s Whores:


  • High quality production values
  • Dead simple to use
  • Great variety of sex acts/positions


  • Lacks the full interaction and customizations of some other sex games

We consider Nemo’s Whores to be the best in the entire lineup from Sex Game Devil.  The 3d sex game is extremely well designed, intuitive to use and very erotic.  Nemo’s Whores comes as part of the monthly subscription package from Sex Game Devil that also includes 3D Sex Chat, Juliet Sex Session, Venus Hostage and a few older titles.

Subscriptions are about $30/month with no long term contracts.  If you want something fun, sexy and easy to get into you should check out Nemo’s Whores.

That’s it for us at The Virtual Sex Review… see you next time.

Cost: US$29.95/month

Maker: Sex Game Devil

Link: Nemo's Whores

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Video Review - Nemo's Whores
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