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Video Review - Utherverse

Product Category: Adult MMORPG

Platform: MS Windows

Link: Utherverse


Hello and welcome to The Virtual Sex Review’s product evaluation for Utherverse, the 3D virtual world and social media network for sexy adults.

First and foremost we want to clarify that there are a number of interconnected products related to Utherverse.  Strictly speaking, Utherverse is the social media network and software that facilitates access to a number of 3D virtual worlds including Red Light Center, Rude Virtual and Virtual Vancouver.

Red Light Center is the most popular of 3D virtual worlds and is modeled after the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Our in-game portion of the review will focus mainly on this world as the others offer similar functionality.

If you’re still confused don’t worry; signing up for any of these products allows you full access to all of them.

As you might expect the social network and 3D worlds are designed as a playground for naughty adults that want to let loose in a safe and friendly environment.  To that end, the virtual sex game focuses heavily on sexy characters, sexy outfits, sexy play areas and has a very strong 3D virtual sex engine.

Utherverse is a freemium product and though restrictive in many ways (i.e. you can’t have sex in game) you can still have a lot of fun without paying a dime. Utherverse has two VIP membership levels that are $20 and $30 per month respectively. Being a VIP unlocks a number of great features but most importantly gives you the ability to engage in private chat, VOIP chat and have virtual sex.

Utherverse Topless Dance

After a substantial download, install and patch you’ll launch into the Welcome Center area which is a jumping off point for all 3D virtual worlds. From here you can head directly to RLC, Rude Virtual, Virtual Vancouver or even straight to the most popular locales within any of the worlds. In addition you can access your Zaby (virtual apartment) check out the events calendar, view the directory of hot spots to visit and more.

Graphics and animation in the game are outstanding and up to snuff with most of today’s popular MMOs such as Second Life though not as good as many dedicated interactive sex games. Many of the areas of the game feature music by default and there are no separate volume controls so be prepared for that… i.e. we don’t recommend playing at the office with your speakers turned on!

The basics of moving around in game is quite straight forward though there is a big learning curve for many of the less frequently used controls. For instance I had to ask around to figure out that CTRL toggles between walking and running. Having said that there is a menu that shows all controls from within the tool box icon.

Avatars are completely customizable with basic hair, face, body, body art and clothing options for free users and way more options for VIPs. You may also shop in virtual stores for new clothes or if you prefer simply walk around in the buff though sometimes you don’t make the best first impression that way.

Within the game there is so much to see and do that we cannot possibly cover it in this review. Among less X-rated activities you can go dancing at a number of venues, check out a virtual concert, hit the skateboard park, shop online for both real and virtual products, gamble, go for a swim and even fly like superman… yep we quiet enjoyed that! The worlds are so big and immersive you could spend a few days just walking around to see everything.

Of course if you’re going to shop you will need currency, which in Utherverse comes in the form of “Rays” that can be earned in game or bought/traded for real cash. Earning Rays is as easy as being active in the game and on your profile as they are awarded for simple actions such as logging in, viewing user profiles, rating different content, having your own profile viewed and more. VIP members automatically earn Rays each month as part of their membership.

If you want to have your own space in Utherverse you can purchase a Zaby (virtual apartment) with your Rays and many basic apartments can even be had for free. Having a Zaby gives you a place to keep your virtual stuff and to entertain privately.

At the core of Utherverse is of course the virtual sex.

Sex is available in and out of game and comes in many forms. First, you can check out adult movie theatres where you can rent streaming porn movies or even watch hardcore movies free with a group of people.  Second, you can find a partner for a hot virtual sex session. Third, you can have virtual sex with an in game sex worker; yes you pay with Rays. Lastly you can meet members for real through the social networking interface though we expect these meetings are more the stuff of legend than a regular occurrence.

For a fun group porn watching experience you should check out the Fuck Me Theater. In this venue there are a few screens but most people sit in the theatre seats to watch the main screen. Most people just watch but often you’ll see the odd patron jerking off or a hot lesbian make-out session. People in this, like most venues are friendly so feel free to chat with others about the flick or whatever strikes your fancy. Another option is the XXX Free Porn Slut Theater which offers a more lounge type environment replete with hot-tub and piano bar.

Finding a partner for virtual sex in Utherverse is moderately easy and really comes down to being friendly (read not pushy) and hanging out in the right locations. For a sure thing head over to Gangbangs R Us which as you might expect is a big free for all gangbang scene. In this space people are VERY uninhibited and ready for action. Show up, chat, get naked and fuck; it really couldn’t be any easier!

Utherverse Adult Theater

Once you have a little chat you can invite your partner to have sex which brings up the sex menu and starts into the action right away. The sex menu offers a huge range of sex acts including traditional poses and more kinky stuff like machine sex and more. Point and click to choose what you want but be polite and ask what your partner is into first… of course if they say “use me like a slut” which is often the case then you pretty well have carte blanch. Once you are engaged in a particular sex act you can choose sub-menu items to enhance things… such as if you are in doggy position you can spank your partner to heighten the sensations. To get a better view you can easily rotate the camera in any direction and zoom in/out with your mouse. Both text chat and voice over IP chat are supported (good for hands free fun).

You can have sex with one or multiple partners at once and for as long as you want. If you hit the CUM button the male character will blow his load all over their partner(s) and then go into a spooning after-play pose.

While the array of sex acts is dizzying and you are having sex with another “real” person we found the graphics and animation to be somewhat lacking in quality. All this simply means is the virtual sex in Utherverse is more of a mind fuck than a visually stimulating experience.

Besides Gangbangs R US other places you can go for “easy sex” with regular members include the Slave Club, Palace Sex Pit and Semen Therapy Club & Creamery and School for Little Sluts. As you can imaging from the names of these places they are for kinky encounters and not love making.

If you’re looking for something a little more intimate or passionate you should check out the main dance clubs or party spots. Be friendly and “normal” before suggesting a tryst and then offer to take somebody back to your Zaby for private one on one time.

If you are totally inept at finding a real partner you can always hire a sex worker. In game all sex workers are required to display “WG” for working girl above their avatar. With working girls it is just like real life, have a private chat to agree on what kind of sex you are going to have and then negotiate price. Unlike real escorts sex workers in Utherverse are really inexpensive starting at about $10/hour.

Working girls are all over the place though they are prohibited from soliciting in certain places and some of them have made arrangements to work out of designated clubs. Besides the hardcore sex clubs and on the street you can find sex workers in brothels and strip clubs.

Utherverse Blowjob

Meeting people for real does apparently happen but it is hard to pull off. The most obvious reason is that people in Utherverse are from all over the world. The second most obvious reason is that many if not most of the people are nothing like their online persona, many with fake photos in their profiles or an attitude about sex that is vastly different in real-life than in the fantasy world.

Still there are many singles and couples out there that do want to meet. If this is what you’re after you should do a lot of social networking in game, build up a reputation that you’re a good person and keep your eyes open for people that live near your hood. You can also try the search engine built into the social networking system to look for people nearby; be sure to search based upon last login to find recently active members. A search in our local (large) city turned up nearly 500 matches so that’s a good place to start. Check out each profile and look for people that want either “social encounters” or a “real-life relationship.” If they aren’t looking for either of those things then don’t bother.

Utherverse Pros:

  • Huge range of in-game adult and non-adult activities
  • Great all-in access for one low monthly fee
  • Tons of customizations for your character and property
  • Super friendly environment that’s self-policed by the community
  • Great in game virtual sex engine
  • Easy to meet “real” people for “virtual” sex

Utherverse Cons:

  • Graphics and animation not as good as interactive sex games
  • No game setting for sound volume
  • Steep learning curve

Overall Utherverse is a joy to play. We had quite the adventure and honestly met some wonderful people; along the way we had some pretty crazy sexual adventures. Utherverse is a perfect environment for people that want to explore their sexual fantasies in a 100% safe place. While the game isn’t intuitive or easy to learn part of the charm is learning of new features on a continual basis. Utherverse offers a lot for edgy adults and at its core really is all about the sex. Hooking up off-line is possible but not easy so if you’re looking for real partners we suggest sticking with the adult oriented online dating sites. Utherverse like many MMOs is all about escapism, but in this world it’s like escaping to Hedonism! We highly recommend Utherverse and give it a big 9.5 out of 10.

Thanks for watching our video review for Utherverse, see you next time. 

Free Version: No nudity, no sex, access restricted to certain areas

Cost: US$20-30/month

Maker: Utherverse Corp.

Link: Utherverse

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