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Video Review - XStoryPlayer

Product Category: 3D Sex Game

Platform: Windows Vista, 7, 8


Hello from The Virtual Sex Review; welcome to our review for XStoryPlayer.

XStoryPlayer from X Moon Productions is a first person 3D sex adventure/puzzle game featuring high quality graphics and animation for a bargain price of just $9.

XStoryPlayer offers users two story play modes and four fast play modes that feature straight up sex. Unfortunately you are forced to play through each story from the beginning to end in order to unlock scenes for quick play. The first story is Dark Dreams in which your character is an average Joe that works at a gym and tries to score with every woman he meets. Eventually you do get to have sex with two babes and ultimately get into a kinky BDSM scene with a hot brunette babe.

The second story, Wet Dreams, in which your character is fashion photographer has you taking photos of hot models before having sex with them. A third installment called Tentacle Dreams is still under development and will presumably be free when released.


I’m going to go on a small rant now, prepare yourself and stay tuned for good stuff to follow…

Playing the game in strict series wouldn’t be so bad if the stories were engaging but we found the “adventure” or puzzle components of the game dreadfully unfulfilling. For example, the first scene involves waking up in your apartment, turning on the lights, finding your keys and leaving.  In most games this would take about 60 seconds to accomplish – in XStoryPlayer it took about 15 minutes!

We guess the first scene is in place to attempt to provide a tutorial for game controls. If the controls were any more complicated we’d need an owner’s manual comparable to a 747 jumbo jet.  Rather than the traditional first person shooter or 3D sex game controls we’re accustomed to your character has a full range of up/down and left/right tilting motions. Want to pick up your keys; here’s the procedure. Navigate around various objects carefully, then lower yourself down about half-way, press CTRL to switch to object manipulation mode, turn your body so you’re looking at your keys, point the mouse right on the object and press another button to pick them up.  Done, ok great, now switch back to movement mode and stand back up. The learning curve is very steep; unnecessarily so!  These control difficulties apply to pretty much everything you do in game so be prepared for frustration for the first hour or so of play.

Bad controls aside the story mode itself isn’t very interesting.  Take scene two which involves picking up garbage and placing it in a waste bin one piece at a time before moving on to sweeping up. We took no pleasure at all in this – picking up rubbish for real is more enjoyable.  Thankfully the game does offer clues for completing each task which is absolutely necessary as we were stumped on quite a few occasions.

End of rant…

When you do finally get beyond the adventure component of the game you do get to have sex with quite a few different beautiful women. The graphics and animation are excellent and the voice acting is passable but the girls just lay there like a starfish while you manipulate them with toys and your cock. If I wanted this I’d pull my Real Doll out of the closet.

The game allows you to “talk” with the girls in plain English using keyboard input. The AI isn’t too exciting but the girls respond to the most common topics of conversion and requests for different sex acts. You will need to be sharp and say the right thing if you want to score; mess up and you have to start all over again at the beginning of the scene.

Like with the more mundane parts of the game you need to fiddle with the controls to get the action you want. You can manipulate clothing, click to undo buttons, move the models’ limbs slightly, etc., but it isn’t a straight forward affair… the simple act of inserting your penis can take minutes to accomplish. Add to that the inability to change the camera view and more often than not you’re staring at the top of the model’s head or back without seeing any penetration.

On the upside there are quite a few different sex toys to play with including weighted nipple clamps, whipping toys and a few dildo styles to choose from. Each scene offers one girl (relating back to the story) and one location. Each scene has its own theme, such as bondage or sex by the pool; the former takes place with the girl tied up the entire time.

While you’re using the toys or your cock with the models they will react to soft vs. hard play. When you’re gratified (or ready to be gratified) a key press generates your money shot which you can point anywhere you like.

In each story you can play as different characters that each have unique attributes/skills though we really never noticed any effect on game play. Keep in mind that you’ll need to play through each story once before other characters are unlocked.

In fast mode you can choose from the 4 available sex scenes and select a variety of game options such as clothing, skin color, penis size and even a puppet (rag doll) mode. As if the girl remaining motionless weren’t enough, in puppet mode just bumping into the girl makes her collapse into a heap on the floor… we don’t see a point but maybe some guys like that sort of thing?

XStoryPlayer DP

Game settings allow you configure the usual quality settings to suit your computer and tastes such as windowed or full-screen mode, resolution, sound and more.

One cool feature we do like is the ability to watch the scenes in 3D (3D glasses required).

Here’s a short list of our pros and cons for XStoryPlayer.


  • Bargain basement price
  • High quality graphics and animation
  • Truly challenging game play


  • Confusing/hard to use controls
  • Models don’t move
  • Linear game mode frustrating


XStoryPlayer is an interactive sex game that offers extremely challenging game play that can either keep your entertained & challenged or bored to tears for days. This interactive sex game isn’t for everyone. If you routinely go online to find solutions for Tomb Raider skip this one – if you’re the kind of guy that will spend hours exploring endless options then this is the adult game for you.

With great graphics and animation along with a bargain price of just $9 you don’t have much to lose by picking up this title; you’ll either love or hate XStoryPlayer.

If you like our review please click-through on our link to the game. That’s it for us at The Virtual Sex Review – see you next time.

Cost: US$9.00

Maker: X Moon Productions 

Link: XStoryPlayer

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Video Review - XStoryPlayer
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